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Viva Aerobus is Latin America's low-cost airline and it is the youngest fleet in the region. It is one of the fastest-growing carriers in the world. It is based in Monterrey International Airport, Mexico, and operates flights across Mexico and the United States. The operating bases of Viva Aerobus are Cancun International Airport, Guadalajara International Airport, Mexico City International Airport, and Monterrey International Airport. The airline is fully owned by the leading bus company group in Mexico, IAMSA. And it was co-founded and invested by Irelandia Aviation.

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Viva Aerobus Informations

  • IATA Code VB
  • Airline Contact 52 81 82 150 150

About Viva Aerobus

Founded in 2006, Viva Aerobus commenced its operations on 30th November. With a fleet size of 55 airlines, it serves 58 destinations across America. In its initial days, the airline was connected to several Mexican domestic locations, however, in July 2007, the airline decided to publicly confirm its intention to open its first base outside of Mexico and first US destination in Austin, Texas. In November 2009, the airline announces to commence operations between Hermosillo and Las Vegas beginning in March 2010. In this way, the airline finally began serving Mexico's capital with two flights, one from Monterrey and the other from Guadalajara. The airline also opened a focus city at Mexico City International Airport in 2010 and on 1st October after Mexicana ceased operations. There are several ups and downs that Viva Aerobus has seen and experienced. Still, it offers you reasonable airfare to fly across America. So, plan your travel with Fare Garage and also avail of cheap flight tickets from Viva Aerobus.

Viva Aerobus Services

 Even being a small flying carrier, Viva Aerobus offers 3 classes of service including Viva Air Economy class, Viva Air first-class ( Viva Air Premium class ), and Viva Air business class. 

When it comes to economy class, Viva airline has three economy class fares including Viva Air basic, Main Cabin, and Comfort+. Among all these classes of service, the basic economy class offers a lower price with some restricted places. On the other hand, the airline charges additional money for checked baggage. However, Viva Air always stands with passengers and offers them the choice to upgrade to the upper class.

Being the premium class, the airline offers extra leg rooms and some special superior facilities to the passengers. The seats of the premium class are wider than other classes and it offers comfortable footrest and extra reclining features. The premium class is best suitable for Viva Air international flights and selectively available on some other routes as well. This class of service never disheartens people and is widely being booked by the passengers. It offers great comfort to passengers even on long journeys.

Viva Air business is one of the best classes of service that the airline offers to its passengers. In this class of service, passengers can take benefit of several features including wide reclining, extra legroom, and other amenities such as headphones, pillow, and blanket. Within the business class, Viva Air Studio's in-flight seat-back screen entertainment system offers you extra enjoyment throughout the travel. On Long-haul travel, the airline offers you delicious food options and one must have them. You certainly have fun while flying in Viva Aerobus.

  • check in
  • Viva Aerobus Check-in

    Personal Item: The personal item that you carry along with you can be a handbag, a computer bag, a backpack, or a shopping bag and it must fit under the seat. The dimension should not exceed 18 inches long x 14 inches high x 8 inches wide.

    Carry-On: When it comes to carry-on baggage, Light, Extra, and Smart fares include a carry-on bag, which cannot exceed the maximum dimensions of 16 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 22 inches high, including handles and wheels. The maximum weight allowed for Light and Extra baggage is 22lbs and if it increases and falls into the smart category; the weight would be 33 lbs.

    Checked Baggage: If you are traveling with extra or smart, the first checked bag is included in your travel and there are no charges. For Extra, the maximum weight is 33 lbs., and for Smart, it is 55 lbs. The baggage should not exceed the mentioned dimensions such as 62 linear inches (length + width + height), including handles and wheels. 

  • Amenities
  • Viva Aerobus Amenities

    The in-flight amenities that passengers can avail of throughout their travel include an assortment of motion pictures, music, and games to newspapers, magazines. Travelers can also enjoy a handful selection of onboard cocktails and a variety of cuisines.

  • Meals
  • Viva Aerobus entertainment

    The airline offers you several options for in-flight entertainment including music, games, etc. Each of these experiences certainly keeps travelers entertained throughout the travel.

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FAQs about Viva Aerobus

1 Is Viva Aerobus a safe airline?

Yes, it is safe to travel in Viva Aerobus as it's been almost 15 years serving in Mexico and across America. 

2 What airline code VB is?

VB is an IATA code used by the airline industry for their technical and official purposes.

3 How old are Viva Aerobus planes?

It's been 4.4 years, the airline serving Mexico and across America. Viva Aerobus has a fleet size of almost 50 aircraft.

4 Does Viva Aerobus have an app?

Yes, Viva Aerobus App is available for free download on "Google Play Store". It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

5 Is Viva Aerobus a good airline?

Viva Aerobus is Certified as a 2-Star Low-Cost Airline based on its airport quality, onboard product, and staff service. The airline has also received good product ratings including cabin comfort, cabin cleanliness, baggage/seat charges, buying onboard food & beverages, and service ratings covering cabin and ground staff.


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