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Leon, which is famous for its leather goods, is also recognized as the "shoe capital of the world." Leon has a rich history as a leather hub, selling shoes, boots, belts, coats, and other leather items not just in Mexico, but all over the world. Its first-class services and hotels, as well as Leon's nightlife, eateries, entertainment, arts, and recreation, make it one of Mexico's most important cities. It is also one of Mexico's most environmentally friendly cities, with a large number of bikers, thanks to the integration of a bike lane network into the public transportation system. If you're planning to explore this beautiful city and also looking for Leon flight tickets, FareGarage is the perfect platform to meet your requirements. This website can assist you in finding cheap flights to Leon, and Guanajuato at any time of the year. For its premium clientele, FareGarage is always on the lookout for the finest deals and offers on plane tickets.

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About Leon Guanajuato

Leon is one of Guanajuato's major towns, serving as a center for area industries and a focal point for the region's bus routes. Discover antique churches and sleek, modern districts while visiting the city to get a taste of true Mexican culture. Take a stroll through Leon's Historic Center to get a sense of the city's vibe. Before Spanish invaders constructed a settlement here in 1576, the territory was inhabited by indigenous peoples such as the Toltecs and Chichimecas. Take a break at the Martyrs Plaza formal gardens or beneath the columns of the Heroes' Causeway Arch (Triumphal Arch of Leon).

Best Time to Visit Leon Guanajuato

The dry season, which runs from December to April, is the greatest time to visit Leon, Guanajuato since there is less rain and more sun. During this period, prices of hotels and flights to Leon, Guanajuato are quite affordable as compared to other months of the year.

Low Season

Hurricane season is often the low season, peaking in August, September, and October. Rainfall is likely to be heavy throughout this time. However, this is the perfect time of year to avoid the crowds and save money because hotel rooms and airfares are frequently at their lowest prices.

High Season

For Leon, and Guanajuato, the high season begins shortly before Christmas and lasts until Easter. During this period, the crowds are at their peak while accommodation rates and airfare are typically higher.

Best Places to Visit in Leon Guanajuato

Martyr's Center, formerly known as Constitution Square, is the central square of Leon. It was renamed after a large number of people were slain there on January 2, 1946, while protesting election results. It has been transformed into a tranquil garden where travelers can relax on one of the cast iron benches while admiring the well-kept trees. A gazebo in the middle hosts lives entertainment regularly.

In terms of both history and culture, every town has a focal point. Plaza Fundadores is the place to be in Leon. The Plaza is dominated by the massive Lions Fountain. In 1976, it was erected in the Plaza to mark the 400th anniversary of Leon's establishment. The quarry stone fountain is topped by a shell backed by four reclining lions, each representing a century of Leon's history from its inception. The residents of Leon gather here to relax, unwind, and relieve themselves.

The Guanajuato Cultural Forum's Museum of Art and History, which opened in November 2008, is the state's best of its kind. San Sebastian, the Roman martyr, and patron of the city of Leon are shown in a sculpture by Ricardo Motilla outside the museum's entrance. Permanent and temporary exhibition spaces are available on the premises. The permanent art collection is extensive, with the majority of pieces created by Mexican and other local artists. Several cultural displays depict life in Guanajuato at different times in history.

Cathedral of Leon

The Archdiocese of Leon is headquartered in the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Light. The Jesuits began construction of the church in 1746, and it is regarded as the most important work of architecture in the state of Guanajuato. It is a blend of Baroque and Neoclassical architectural styles. The main nave's roof comprises eight vaults and a central dome. The exterior is Spanish Baroque, with a three-part portico of decorative stone and cast iron doors. A marble altar, topped with a superb sculpture of the Holy Trinity, crowns the Neoclassical interior.


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