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Norfolk, Virginia is a city on water and the city is popular for being a melting pot for people, culture, and ideas. Thus, the city invites thousand of vacationers every year for exploring the diverse culture and enjoys different things be it art, flavors, or history. So, to explore such an amazing and fantastic city, all you need to get fight tickets to Norfolk. To avail cheap or reasonable airfare deals and discounts, you just need to get in touch with the highly experienced travel experts of FareGarage. The company takes the accountability to provide best of the airfare deals to their travelers. The experts understand the travel requirements of their customers and accordingly provide best of the airfare deals and discounts to travelers. Now, all you need to consult us once and we are here to serve you. Avail tickets to Norfolk, Virginia at a reasonable price. And get ready to enjoy the tour of Norfolk.

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About Norfolk

Located in Virginia US state, Norfolk is one of the vibrant and cultural cities of the state. And it always offers the same fun, entertainment, culture, delicious cuisine, and 144 miles of shoreline waiting to be explored. Isn�t it all sound great to you? Well, one must plan to visit this fantastic city with their loved ones and have immense fun throughout the city. One more attraction awaits you, the city has the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic ocean, and countless rivers, which certainly enables vacationers to experience intense watersports, leisure sailing, and a view from the hotel room. So to experience these fantastic things, one must plan their travel with their loved ones and enjoy the vacations to the fullest. Apart from these attractions, the city also compels you to enjoy its sightseeing, which enables you to understand and know more about the city. Right from popular Virginia�s very first urban winery, or watch world-renowned artists blow glass at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. Each of these attractions will win the heart of vacationers and compels them to enjoy to the fullest. So, avail plane tickets to Norfolk at a discounted price.

Best Time to Visit Norfolk

The best time to visit Norfolk is between June through August. During this summer season, the city offers a great experience to vacationers. Apart from the comfortable weather, vacationers will also get the opportunity to enjoy some sightseeing. So, one must plan their tour to Norfolk and have rejuvenating experience with loved ones.

Low Season

Based on recorded temperatures, July and January are the least comfortable months of Norfolk and hence it is considered as the low seasons of the city.

High Season

June through August is considered the high season of the city. During this time, vacationers love to explore several attractions of the city and also take pleasure in the pleasant weather. What else do you do look for? Get plane tickets booked for Norfolk and fly to the beautiful city to experience the best of the culture and entertainment.

Best Places to Visit in Norfolk

To enjoy the Norfolk tour, vacationers will plan to visit some of the fantastic places in the city. As the city offers a number of attractions, here is the list of places where vacationers can visit and have immense fun. Right from natural attractions to cultural places, the city enables vacationers to explore and enjoy a number of attractions throughout the city. So, plan your tour to the beautiful city of Norfolk and have a great time out there. 

Norfolk Botanical Garden

Norfolk botanical garden is one of the best outdoor attractions and natural retreat just minutes from downtown, next to the airport. Spread over 175 acres, Norfolk has more than 60 theme gardens, featuring a variety of plants and unique experiences throughout the year. The property is surrounded by three sides with canals running through the interior. So, get ready to enjoy it.

Chrysler Museum of Art

It is one of the rare gems with inspiring collections of art and antiquities. Here this free museum has one of the country's leading glass collections and it certainly stuns vacationers. Even if you don't have much interest in art, the museum cannot help but be impressed by the beauty and creativity found in this collection.

The Virginia Zoo

The Virginia Zoo is one of the popular attractions in the city and here vacationers can spot a variety of animals including endangered and wild such as Elephants, rhinos, orangutans, giraffes, lions, tigers, kangaroos, and lots more. The prominent boardwalk allows for a bird's-eye view or an almost face-to-face encounter with a giraffe. And it will be a wonderful experience for sure

Naval Base Cruise

A Naval base cruise is one of the major things in the city and the city is known for its Naval base. Now, to explore the city beautifully, vacationers can take a ride on the naval base cruise. The tour enables vacationers to see the Battleship Wisconsin, downtown Norfolk, shipyards, the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, the Portsmouth Coast Guard Station, and the Norfolk Naval Station, so one must plan to visit here.

American Rover

American Rover is one of the tall ships which offers three-masted boat offers marine cruises on the Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads Harbor. The fantastic river offers beautiful views of the city and surroundings. Such cruises last an hour and a half to two hours and are available from April to October. So, visit here once.

Hermitage Museum & Gardens

Apart from Naval excursions, vacationers will also get the opportunity to know more about the Hermitage Museum which offers a nice retreat, with open green spaces, a rambling house to explore, and cool areas for strolling along the waterfront, and unique art displays to admire. So, it will be a wonderful experience for you.


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