23 Best Places to Visit in November in USA

Avg weather in November:

November in the USA is a magical time when the landscapes transform into a kaleidoscope and winter arrives. If you are looking for the best places to visit in November in the USA, then you are in luck! It is the perfect time to explore the country's different canvases and indulge in various winter activities with your loved ones. One such place is New England. The charming towns, rolling hills, and maple-lined streets make it one of the best tourist destinations in November in the USA. Places like Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts offer breathtaking scenic drives, quaint bed and breakfasts, and opportunities for outdoor adventures like hiking and apple picking. 

For those craving sunshine and warmth, head to Florida. November marks the beginning of the dry season in the Sunshine State, making it an ideal time to explore its stunning beaches and vibrant cities. From the white sands of Miami Beach to the enchanting Everglades, Florida offers many experiences for every type of traveler. So, just pack your sunblock and flip-flops and explore this amazing tourist destination in the USA in November. For an off-the-beaten-path adventure, consider visiting the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. November brings a quieter atmosphere and a stunning display of fall colors. Explore hiking trails, go wildlife spotting, or simply relax in a cozy cabin surrounded by nature's beauty. 

Oregon's Columbia River Gorge offers spectacular fall foliage against cascading waterfalls. Explore scenic drives like the Historic Columbia River Highway or hike to witness nature's grandeur up close. For a cultural experience, immerse yourself in the vibrant city life of New Orleans, Louisiana. November brings cooler temperatures and fewer crowds, making it ideal for exploring the city's rich history, eclectic music scene, and mouthwatering cuisine. So, read on further to know more about these destinations to visit in November in the USA to plan your trip efficiently. 


Best Destinations to Visit in November in USA 2024

Discover the Most Fascinating Destinations of USA in the Month of November.

San Diego, California
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Avg Temp: 70°F high - 54°F low
If you are looking for a warm vacation in November, plan your travel to San Diego. It is one of the best places to visit in November in the USA to enjoy fun activities like surfing, biking, and gliding. Once you have enjoyed these things, you can also plan a city tour to visit Carrillo National Monument, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial, etc. In the month of November, the city also celebrates several events, including Día de Los Muertos, San Diego Beer Week, Del Mar Fall Racing Festival, Fleet Week San Diego, San Diego Bay Wine + Food Festival, Veteran's Day Ceremony, etc. The blend of sightseeing, event celebrating, and fun activities will make your San Diego tour remarkable. 
70°F high - 54°F low
Los Angeles, California
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Avg Temp: 73°F high - 53°F low
In California, Los Angeles is relatively warm in November, and you can enjoy a city tour in the evening. The city is known for its amazing charm and hundreds of things to experience, which makes it one of the best November destinations in the USA. Right from sunbathing at beaches to hiking at Griffith Park, each of these experiences will leave a lasting impression on you. If you love surfing, visit Huntington Beach, the best place to surf. The city also offers hundreds of outdoor activities and endless photo spots where you can enjoy the Los Angeles city tour. While enjoying the city tour, you can also enjoy souvenirs at Olvera Street. 
73°F high - 53°F low
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San Antonio, Texas
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Avg Temp: 72°F high - 49°F low
San Antonio is again a fantastic destination to enjoy your November tour with loved ones. You can take an educational boat tour of this city and learn about the city, including its culture, museums, restaurants, landscapes, etc. The boat tour will not only make you feel amazed but indeed leave you with a great experience. The city also offers many activities and a beautiful parade on the river, so don't miss it. Other interesting things you can experience in San Antonio include the Diwali San Antonio event, the Wurst fest, and the teen version of Little Shop of Horrors at Woodlawn Theatre. Each of these experiences wins your hearts and compels them to enjoy it to the fullest. 
72°F high - 49°F low
Phoenix, Arizona
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Avg Temp: 76°F high - 51°F low
Phoenix is one of the best places in Arizona, and you can visit in November to enjoy it to the fullest. The air feels crisp, not too hot or cold, making outdoor activities like hiking or picnicking pleasant. You can enjoy hiking at this city's Wind Cave Trail, Hieroglyphic Trail, or the Piestewa Peak. Besides hiking, you can enjoy outdoor activities like fishing and viewing wildlife. These activities will win your heart and compel you to visit it repeatedly. Moreover, you can also visit Phoenix and enjoy the autumn colors and unique red rocks, which make it one of the best places to visit in November in the USA. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight tickets at cost-effective prices.
76°F high - 51°F low
Palm Springs, California
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Avg Temp: 79°F high - 52°F low
Palm Springs is one of the best places to visit in November in the USA, and its pleasant weather enables you to enjoy the city. Everything in Palm Springs is awesome, from several events to sightseeing, and you will enjoy it to the fullest. Apart from sightseeing, you will also attend several festivals celebrated in November. Some amazing events and festivals include the Props & Hops Beer Festival, The Desert Arts Festival, and the Palms Spring Vintage Market. On their Palm Spring tour, you must visit Coachella Valley for the pride festival. Moreover, you can also perform dance performances at the Día De Los Muertos. Each of these experiences of the city will make the tour remarkable.  
79°F high - 52°F low
San Juan , Puerto Rico
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Avg Temp: 84°F high - 77°F low
San Juan, Puerto Rico, is one of the best and most beautiful destinations to visit in November in the USA, where you can explore and enjoy rich culture. This amazing island lets you explore the amazing attractions and indulge in several beach activities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, and many more. Besides fun activities, you will immerse yourself in the island's essential historical forts and culture. The skies are usually clear, perfect for exploring historic sites like the colorful streets of Old San Juan or lounging on the pristine beaches. You can also explore some of San Juan's top attractions, such as the National Historic Site and the Plaza Las Americas. The blend of these experiences will make your San Juan tour remarkable, so enjoy it to the fullest.
84°F high - 77°F low
Miami, Florida
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Avg Temp: 79°F high - 70°F low

Miami is one of the trendiest destinations in the USA in November, and it never disheartens you and compels you to enjoy it to the fullest. Be it beaches or visiting Little Havana, everything in Miami is beautiful and exciting for you. If you are an adventure lover, the city allows you to indulge in different water activities, including snorkeling and kiteboarding. Once you enjoy all these adventure activities, don't miss exploring the city's sights, including the Miami architectural, Mediterranean revival style, and the Art Deco District, and get immersed into the authentic culture of Miami. While exploring each of these cities, you can also enjoy the local cuisines. It will be a great experience for sure.

79°F high - 70°F low
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Kauai Island, Hawaii
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Avg Temp: 74°F high - 58°F low
Kauai is again a mesmerizing destination in the USA in November to enjoy the perfect weather and foliage. As the foliage is blooming, you will enjoy the entire weather amazingly. While occasional rain showers are possible, they often give way to sunny skies, creating rainbows across the horizon. November marks the start of the island's whale-watching season as humpback whales migrate to Hawaiian waters. On the Kauai tour, you can explore beautiful beaches and waterfalls. Once you are done eyeing natural loveliness, you can experience more outdoor activities, including hiking, surfing, and snorkeling. Some other activities you can enjoy on their Kauai tour include experiencing street food, local restaurants, etc. It's a time when Kauai's natural beauty thrives, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in its tropical paradise.
 74°F high - 58°F low
San Francisco, California
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Avg Temp: 64°F high - 51°F low
San Francisco is a beautiful city, and it offers pleasant weather conditions and compels you to have immense fun with loved ones. The city includes various sightseeing options, outdoor activities, and adventure activities. Now, while exploring the city, don't miss exploring the Golden City, which is a place where you can see the incredible views of San Francisco Bay and Lombard Street. If you are fond of food and drinks, you must go to Fisherman's Wharf, where you will find many local restaurants. So, if you plan to visit beautiful places in the USA in November, you must consider visiting San Francisco. It's a great time to explore the city's diverse neighborhoods, from the bustling streets of Chinatown to the hip cafes of the Mission District. 
64°F high - 51°F low
Asheville, North Carolina
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Avg Temp: 58°F high - 38°F low
Asheville, located in North Carolina, is one of the most vibrant cities where you can spend a lot of time. You can indulge in several fun activities and experiences for a great time in November. The city is adorned with vibrant red, orange, and gold hues as the leaves change color, creating a picturesque backdrop for outdoor adventures. The city is known for fine dining, so don't miss the local Appalachian-inspired southern cuisines. The city also offers a hiking experience at Blue Ridge Parkway, where you can see different colors during fall. You can also enjoy exploring the local stores for gifts and food, and it will be a fantastic experience. If you are a daring person, then you must indulge in some of the ghost tours. 
58°F high - 38°F low
Charleston, South Carolina
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Avg Temp: 67°F high - 53°F low
One of the best fall vacation spots in the USA, Charleston is an amazing city that welcomes visitors from diverse corners of the world. The city has mild weather and is a perfect place to enjoy a walk along the gaslight paths and alleyways. You can also indulge in several fun activities, including visiting historic places like the famous Old City Jail or one of the haunted pub tours. The autumn foliage adds color to the landscape, creating a picturesque backdrop for sightseeing and outdoor activities. You can indulge in the city's renowned culinary scene, savoring Lowcountry specialties like shrimp and grits or fresh seafood. Festivals celebrating everything from local cuisine to cultural heritage dot the calendar, offering plenty of opportunities to immerse oneself in the vibrant spirit of Charleston. 
67°F high - 53°F low
Key West, Florida
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Avg Temp: 80°F high - 27°F low

Escape the winter chill and soak up the sun in Key West, Florida, during November. With its laid-back vibe, vibrant nightlife, and stunning beaches, this tropical paradise offers the perfect retreat for travelers seeking relaxation and adventure. Explore the historic Old Town, with its charming pastel-colored cottages, quaint shops, and lively waterfront bars. Take a bike ride along the scenic Overseas Highway to discover hidden gems like Bahia Honda State Park and the picturesque Seven Mile Bridge. For outdoor enthusiasts, snorkeling, kayaking, and sunset sailing excursions are popular activities to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. End your day with a breathtaking sunset celebration at Mallory Square, which makes it one of the best destinations to visit in November in the USA. 

Santa fe, New Mexico
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Avg Temp: 70°F high - 20°F low

With its vibrant art scene, rich cultural heritage, and stunning desert landscapes, Santa Fe is a captivating destination in November in the USA. Explore the city's historic Plaza, where adobe buildings house art galleries, boutiques, and museums showcasing Native American and Hispanic art. Take a scenic drive along the Turquoise Trail to discover charming villages, ancient ruins, and breathtaking Sangre de Cristo Mountains vistas. Don't miss the opportunity to sample traditional New Mexican cuisine, with its bold flavors and spicy dishes, at one of the city's many acclaimed restaurants. Additionally, immerse yourself in the local culture by attending one of the many festivals and events celebrating the region's arts, music, and culinary traditions. 

New York, New York
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Avg Temp: 60°F high - 40°F low
November marks the beginning of the holiday season in New York City, making it a magical time to visit the Big Apple. Experience the excitement of the iconic Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, where giant balloons, marching bands, and festive floats take over the streets of Manhattan. Stroll through Central Park and admire the autumn foliage or ice skate at the famous Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park rinks. Warm up with hot chocolate as you explore the city's world-class museums, Broadway shows, and shopping districts. Be sure to sample traditional Thanksgiving fare at one of the city's restaurants or head to the annual Holiday Markets to browse for unique gifts and handmade crafts. The onset of winter in New York makes it one of the best tourist attractions in November in the USA. 
Sedona, Arizona
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Avg Temp: 64°F high - 36°F low
November is an ideal time to visit Sedona, Arizona, as the scorching summer heat subsides and the landscape transforms into a stunning array of red rock formations against clear blue skies. This desert oasis is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and spiritual energy, making it a popular destination in November in the USA for wellness retreats and outdoor adventures. Explore the numerous hiking trails that wind through the rugged terrain, offering panoramic views of the surrounding canyons and rock formations. Take a scenic drive along Oak Creek Canyon to witness the vibrant fall colors reflected in the water below. Additionally, don't forget to visit the area's vortex sites, which are believed to emit powerful energy that promotes healing and meditation. 
Moab, Utah
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Avg Temp: 70°F high - 47°F low
Moab is a paradise for adventure seekers in November in the USA. Its red rock landscapes and diverse terrain offer endless opportunities for outdoor activities. You can explore the famous Arches National Park, known for its iconic stone arches and breathtaking vistas. Hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking are popular here, with trails suitable for all skill levels. Additionally, November offers cooler temperatures, making it ideal for outdoor adventures. Don't miss a scenic drive along the Colorado River or a thrilling off-road adventure in the nearby Canyonlands National Park. Moab also boasts stargazing opportunities, with its clear night skies perfect for astronomy enthusiasts. So, if you love the outdoors, plan your holiday to Moab and create memorable moments. 
Portland, Maine
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Avg Temp: 51°F high - 38°F low
Portland, known for its eclectic culture and natural beauty, is a fantastic destination in November in the USA for outdoor lovers. The city's proximity to diverse landscapes, including mountains, forests, and rivers, offers endless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Take a hike in the nearby Columbia River Gorge, home to numerous waterfalls and scenic trails, such as Multnomah Falls and Eagle Creek. November brings vibrant fall colors to the region, enhancing the beauty of the landscape. Outdoor enthusiasts can also explore the nearby Mount Hood, where skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing are popular as winter approaches. Back in the city, Portland's vibrant food scene and craft breweries provide the perfect way to unwind after a day of adventure in the great outdoors. 
Taos, New Mexico
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Avg Temp: 49°F high - 26°F low
Nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico, Taos exudes a unique blend of Native American and Spanish cultures, making it a captivating destination to explore in November in the USA. With its crisp autumn air and clear skies, November is an ideal time to discover the region's rich history and natural beauty. Visitors can wander through the historic Taos Pueblo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site inhabited for over a millennium, or explore the eclectic art galleries and boutiques of Taos Plaza. Outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the cooler temperatures to hike in the surrounding Carson National Forest or go skiing at the nearby Taos Ski Valley. With festive events like the Taos Winter Wine Festival, November also marks the start of the holiday season. 
Aspen, Colorado
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Avg Temp: 35°F high - 15°F low
Aspen, Colorado, is a quintessential winter wonderland in the Rocky Mountains. November marks the beginning of the ski season here, making it an ideal time for snow enthusiasts to visit. The town exudes charm with its picturesque streets lined with Victorian buildings and boutiques. Skiing and snowboarding are the main draws, with four world-class resorts nearby: Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. If you're not into skiing, you can still enjoy the stunning scenery by taking a scenic drive or hiking one of the many trails in the area. Don't miss the opportunity to relax in the hot springs after a day on the slopes. November kicks off the cultural season in Aspen, with events like the Aspen Film Festival and the Aspen Laff Festival entertaining all tastes
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
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Avg Temp: 29°F high - 12°F low
Yellowstone National Park in November offers a unique experience for those seeking tranquility amidst breathtaking natural beauty. While some roads may be closed due to snow, the park's quieter atmosphere allows a more intimate exploration of its wonders. Although some activities, like hiking and camping, may be limited due to weather conditions, November is an excellent time for wildlife watching. With fewer crowds, you'll have a better chance of spotting elusive animals such as wolves, bison, and elk, making it one of the best destinations to visit in November in the USA. The geothermal features, including the iconic Old Faithful geyser, are just as awe-inspiring in the colder months. So, if you are looking for a place with less crowd, consider this destination. 
Napa Valley, California
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Avg Temp: 66°F high - 45°F low

Nestled in the heart of California's wine country, Napa Valley offers an amazing escape for tourists seeking a blend of luxury, tranquility, and culinary delights. November is an ideal time to visit, as the fall foliage paints the landscape in vibrant hues, and the weather is crisp and cool. Start your journey by exploring the picturesque vineyards that dot the valley. Take a wine tour, sampling some of the finest vintages produced in the region. For a truly unforgettable experience, book a hot air balloon ride over the valley at sunrise. Drift serenely above the vineyards as the sun paints the sky in shades of pink and gold, creating a breathtaking backdrop for an unforgettable moment with your loved ones. 

Bend, Oregon
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Avg Temp: 47°F high - 29°F low
Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bend, Oregon, offers a picturesque escape for travelers seeking outdoor adventures and breathtaking landscapes. November paints this charming town with hues of golden foliage, making it an ideal time to explore its natural wonders. In November, the Deschutes National Forest is adorned with a vibrant display of fall colors, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife spotting. The iconic Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway is a must-visit, offering panoramic views of snow-capped mountains mirrored in pristine alpine lakes. Renowned as a mecca for rock climbers, Smith Rock State Park showcases dramatic rock formations and rugged terrain, particularly striking in the crisp November air. 
Scottsdale, Arizona
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Avg Temp: 78°F high - 45°F low
In the Sonoran Desert of Arizona lies Scottsdale, a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage, luxurious resorts, and sun-drenched landscapes. November ushers in pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal time to explore the city's diverse attractions and outdoor adventures. Immerse yourself in the charm of Old Town Scottsdale, where historic adobe buildings, art galleries, and boutique shops line the streets. November brings the Scottsdale ArtWalk, a weekly event where you can stroll through the area's renowned art galleries, meet local artists, and admire various paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is a true oasis in the desert landscape. The preserve boasts trails that wind through towering cacti, rugged mountains, and hidden desert washes. 

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FAQs about Good Places to Visit in November in the US

1 Which festival can you celebrate in the USA in November?
In November, one of the most celebrated festivals in the USA is Thanksgiving. It's a time for family gatherings, feasting on traditional dishes like turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, and expressing gratitude for the past year's blessings. The holiday originated as a harvest festival and has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, marked by parades, football games, and volunteer work to help those in need. Thanksgiving is a cherished tradition that brings people together across the nation.
2 What are the best places to visit in November in the USA?
There are various destinations across the USA where you can have a memorable holiday in November. Explore San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge in California or enjoy the vibrant colors of Napa Valley's vineyards. Head to New York City to witness the dazzling lights of Times Square and the tranquility of Central Park. Experience the stunning fall foliage in New England, particularly in Vermont and Massachusetts. Visit Florida's theme parks or relax on Hawaii's beautiful beaches for a warmer escape. Remember the Grand Canyon in Arizona, showcasing breathtaking views and mild weather. Whether you seek city buzz or natural beauty, November has something for everyone. 
3 Why is November the best time to visit the USA?
November is an ideal time to visit the USA for several reasons. It's when fall foliage peaks in many regions, offering stunning landscapes. The weather is generally mild, making outdoor activities enjoyable. Plus, popular destinations are less crowded compared to peak summer months. With events like Thanksgiving adding to the cultural experience, November presents a balanced and pleasant time to explore the diverse offerings of the USA.
4 What are the cozy places to visit in the USA in November?

Some of the cozy places where vacationers can visit in November include Salem Massachusetts, New York City New York, New Hope Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Naples Florida, Savannah Georgia, etc.

5 Which street food should you have in the USA in November?
In November, indulge in classic American street foods like hot dogs, pretzels, or roasted nuts, often found at outdoor events, holiday markets, or food trucks. Additionally, seasonal treats like caramel apples or warm cider can be enjoyed, adding a festive touch to your street food experience in the USA during November.