23 Best Place to Visit in October in the US

Avg weather in October:

October, also known as Halloween in America, is celebrated with great joy and excitement. Many Americans celebrate the traditions by dressing in various costumes and sharing tales about witches and clothes. Enjoying Halloween is valid, so pack your bags and visit the USA. Get ready to be engulfed in the excitement of carved pumpkin faces and glowing Jack-o’-lanterns. From adults to children, everyone has their ventures and means of enjoying this great festival. Kids knock on doors, calling out “Trick or treat, “and get their bags filled with gifts and candles. It is as unique as its songs, and it’s a great time to plan for the best places to visit in October 2024 in the USA.

Also, visiting the USA in October is more financially convenient than in the summer months. Some places in the USA are magical; from New England’s mesmerizing fall foliage to the heartbreaking beauty of Acadia National Park, the Eastern Sierras, and Grand Teton, there’s no shortage of places. October is a fantastic time for outdoor activities and adventures. Loads and loads of towns and cities come alive this month, like New York City and its world-famous Halloween parade or Asheville and its autumn festivals.

The deciduous trees shed their leaves in preparation for heavy winter snow falling on bare branches and surviving through thick and thin. Before shedding the leaves, they change colors to reds, oranges, and yellows. The fiery display presents a last hurrah before the winter takes over and covers everything While the region is synonymous with autumn colors, there are plenty of other places to see and visit.

New Hampshire and Vermont are nearby places to visit for a blissful drive. The excellent road trip will be memorable. The panoramic views are nothing less than breathtaking, thanks to the East Coast. October in the Berkshires purveys a mesmerizing scene from a Norman Rockwell painting. You may rent a cabin and enjoy this beautiful inn. Nature holds many beautiful things in store for us: Enjoy the scenic beauty with your loved ones and capture the captivating moments. 


Best Destinations to Visit in October in USA 2024

Discover the Most Fascinating Destinations of USA in the Month of October.

Portland, Maine
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Avg Temp: 84°F high - 70°F low

Portland, located in the US state of Maine, is known as one of the best places to visit in the fall in the USA. It is the home of tons of incredible hidden gems. One must plan a tour with their loved ones to explore the fantastic attractions.The comfortable fall season also welcomes thousands of vacationers in Portland, enabling them to have immense fun at Bradbury Mountain State Park. Bradbury Mountain State Park is one of the perfect spots to enjoy the New England fall foliage. Vacationers can also enjoy a trip to harvest in the harbor. As the prices of hotels and flights tend to drop during the fall season, one must plan to explore the best places to go in October in the USA.

84°F high - 70°F low
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Avg Temp: 54°F high - 41°F low

Minneapolis is another one of the preferred travel destinations that win the hearts of vacationers. If you want to visit this city, plan your travel to see it in October; indeed, the city will offer you a lot to enjoy. Adventure lovers will love this place as the city provides them to experience kayaking, trails, and beautiful waterfalls right in the city. Apart from the adventure activities, vacationers can also indulge in several activities, including the Twin Cities Harvest Festival & Maze, Painting in the Park, Farmer Ken & Jan's Pumpkin Patch Trolley, Minnesota Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, Trunk and Treat, and Anoka Halloween. Each of these activities will offer a worthwhile and fantastic experience to vacationers, which they will cherish throughout their lives.

54°F high - 41°F low
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Chicago, Illinois
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Avg Temp: 62°F high - 50°F low

The windy city - Chicago wins the hearts of vacationers in the month of October as the city has clear skies, and vacationers can enjoy the observation deck at the Willis. There are several activities that vacationers can enjoy in Chicago, including taking an architecture cruise, exploring street art, Enjoy the Views from 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck, Visit Lincoln Park Zoo During Fall Fest, Enjoy the Pier Pumpkin Lights at Navy Pier, visiting the Museum of Illusions Chicago, Music Box of Horrors at the Drive-In. Each of these attractions of Chicago wins the heart of vacationers and compels them to enjoy it to the fullest. With so much to do at hand Chicago becomes a crazy and worthwhile experience to be a part of and enjoy.

62°F high - 50°F low
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Salt Lake City, Utah
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Avg Temp: 66°F high - 47°F low

Salt Lake City offers vacationers a brilliant experience as it offers them comfy weather conditions and lets them have immense fun with their loved ones. There are several attractions that vacationers can visit on their Salt Lake City tour. If you want a perfect vacation, visit the city and explore its lovely attractions. Some of the best attractions vacationers can see and enjoy include the farmers market, Utah Opera, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Natural History Museum of Utah, Temple Square, Clark Planetarium, etc. Apart from sightseeing, vacationers can also enjoy several activities, including Utah Symphony Live, visiting Snowbird's Oktoberfest, etc. Now, plan your travel to Salt Lake City and have fun with loved ones, and make invaluabe memories as you leave for home.

66°F high - 47°F low
Denver, Colorado
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Avg Temp: 68°F high - 37°F low

Widely popular as the Mile High City - Denver attracts vacationers from diverse corners of the world. Visiting Denver in October will bring you the opportunity to celebrate one of the largest beer festivals  known as the Great American Beer Festival. And as winter is a busy tourist time in Denver so, get your flight tickets booked in advance and make your travel comfortable to visit Denver. You will also get cheaper hotels and flights in the fall season. So, hurry to fly to Denver and enjoy lovely attractions and events. Some of the best festivals vacationers can enjoy in the fall season include Denver zoo, autumn fest, beer week, Halloween spooktacular, Pumpkin festival, etc. Each of these festivals will win the heart of vacationers and compel them to enjoy it to the fullest and visit again and again.

68°F high - 37°F low
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New Orleans, Louisiana
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Avg Temp: 81°F high - 62°F low

Visiting New Orleans in the fall season will be a great time to enjoy the city tour and experience several festivals and events. Though the city is popular for celebrating the world-popular Mardi Gras festival, however, the city never disheartens the vacationers. And it compels vacationers to celebrate Voodoo fest with their loved ones. Apart from the fest, fall also turns up as the best time to experience the haunted history of the city, so visit the popular The LaLaurie Mansion, Charity Hospital, The Gardette-LaPrete Mansion, New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, and so on. Apart from these spooky places, vacationers can also enjoy a Live Concert, Sporting Event, Theatrical Production, Famous Comedians Perform Stand-Up, and Enjoy Halloween in the Garden District. Each of these things will leave a lasting impression on vacationers and compel them to enjoy themselves again and again.

81°F high - 62°F low
New York, New York
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Avg Temp: 67°F high - 51°F low

New York City is a giant in its economic presence and fast city life. It makes sure to enjoy Halloween in October in a legendary manner, featuring the village Halloween parade with thousands of customer participants; the city acts as a delegate of celebration and a spirit of living life to its fullest extent. Experiencing as big as festival the city offers is really a kind of once in a life time experience. Enjoy the fall activities in Central Park, visit haunted horses here and there, and go through a scary but exciting experience with the perfect blend of fear and excitement. Then, at night, stroll through the spookily decorated streets of Greenwich villages that never fail to amaze their visitors.

 67°F high - 51°F low
Savannah, Georgia
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Avg Temp: 78°F high - 58°F low

Over view years, Savannah has turned out to be one of the best places to visit in October in the USA. And it is another spooky destination in America, if you want to go for the Ghost Tour, then Savannah, Georgia is one of the best places you can plan for. In honor of the towns haunted reputation, the local distillery is also known as the Ghost Coast Spirits. Hence it can be a fun tour for vacationers for sure. So, plan your travel now and get ready to experience the spookiness at every turn. While exploring the city make sure to visit the Savannah River and also enjoy the local food of the place. The blend of all these experiences certainly wins the heart of vacationers and compels them to enjoy it to the fullest.

78°F high - 58°F low
San Diego, California
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Avg Temp: 74°F high - 61°F low

A visit to San Diego, a southern California city - San Diego is truly a wonderful experience in the Autumn season. The comfortable weather enables vacationers to indulge in several things to do in San Diego, including Del Mar Racetrack, La Jolla Shores Beach, PETCO Park, San Diego Beer Week, Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, Bates Nut Farm, and Cabrillo National Monument. Each of these attractions in San Diego will leave a lasting impression on vacationers and compel them to enjoy it to the fullest. While exploring these attractions, you will also get a chance to enjoy the live concert and must-have delicious street food. So, don't miss both of them, after all a trip without local food is incomplete, enjoy it thoroughly. 

74°F high - 61°F low
Asheville, North Carolina
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Avg Temp: 69°F high - 47°F low

Asheville is a year-long destination for vacations. However, its breathtaking foliage during autumn, in terms of various autumn festivals, makes it a desirable place to visit during autumn. Especially festivals such as Apple Festivals and Harvest Festivals provide full-on activities and local flavors to be satiated with and enjoy to the greatest extent possible. Becoming a part of such collective experience is valuable. You can always choose to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, known for its vibrant fall colors that make the experience of even passing through the parkway very memorable. And by visiting Biltmore Estate, the experience becomes even better, as the parkway acts as a cherry on top of your seemingly favorite dessert food. You’ll be beautifully adorned with the fall decorations.

 69°F high - 47°F low
Sleepy Hollow, New York
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Avg Temp: 65°F high - 48°F low

The scene of a vacation to Sleepy Hollow is set up in Washington, telling Irving’s famous tale; it's a perfect place to visit for Halloween. Once you see it, you will experience “The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze,"  which includes thousands of hand-carved pumpkins, and you’ll be introduced to a tour filled with a lantern-lit place called Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Getting to know and experience the vibe of such myths and the legends is just surreal. Also, we can never forget the scary headless horse rider who traveled from village to village during the season. If you decide to visit Sleepy Hollow as your vacation destination for vacations, you’ll be left amazed with a fantastic experience, and you'll never forget this place in the depths of your heart.

Oahu, Hawaii
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Avg Temp: 74°F high - 16°F low

Among the number of USA attractions, Oahu located in Hawaii is one of the best places where vacationers can visit on their fall tour. The clear blue skies and warm weather conditions enable vacationers to still enjoy swimming, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. If you are an adventure lover and want to enjoy the fall season, then Oahu is the best place to go in October in the USA. After all, the place also offers you to get indulge in snorkeling, surfing, and hiking. Apart from these activities, vacationers can plan a visit to Kualoa Regional Park, where the Jurassic parks were filmed. Some other things that you can explore in the park are by taking a bike ride. Each of these experiences in the fall season will make your tour remarkable, so enjoy it to the fullest.

74°F high - 16°F low
Charleston, South Carolina
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Avg Temp: 77°F high - 65°F low

Charleston, South California, is known for many things, but its architecture, rich history, and vibrant food scene stand out. I Want to experience the dialect of the people of the South that never ceases to amaze me, along with the Southern charm and hospitality of the great people. With your family, always take advantage of this opportunity to explore and learn about historic landmarks, beautiful and well-maintained gardens, and scenic waterfronts. To eat, stimulate your mouth receptors with the Lowcountry cuisine, take a carriage ride through cobblestone streets that will take you to the old times, and end your day by relaxing on the pristine beaches.  This is the perfect place to visit during Halloween and have a lot of fun.

77°F high - 65°F low
Door County, Wisconsin
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Avg Temp: 74°F high - 16°F low

Door County, Wisconsin might not be the first place that strikes to mind when it comes to enjoying the fall season tour, but certainly, it is a breathtaking destination. If you want to enjoy the best colors of the fall season, then it is best to hike the Peninsula State Park, The Ridges Sanctuary, Cave Point County Park, and Whitefish Dunes State Park. These few spots certainly offer you the best hiking experience. After hiking, vacationers can also enjoy a long drive along with Highway 42, and the newly constructed Sturgeon Bay Maritime Museum Lighthouse Tower. While exploring each of these things, vacationers must try their special apple cider donuts, etc. These things leave a lasting impression on vacationers. So, plan your travel now and have lots of fun with close ones.

74°F high - 16°F low
Bend, Oregon
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Avg Temp: 74°F high - 16°F low

Fall is one of the best times to visit Bend, a beautiful town located in Oregon. Though it is a year-round destination, it is a great time to visit Central Oregon Town. The city offers several outdoor activities in the month of autumn, which will be great fun for vacationers. Some popular hikes in Bend, Oregon, provide diverse settings, from pine forests to snowcapped peaks to juniper and sage-dotted deserts. Vacationers can also enjoy kayaking, cruising, and mountain biking. Doesn't it sound great? Well, of course, it is incredible. So what are you waiting for? Bend, Oregon, is calling you. Plan your travel with your loved ones, and you will enjoy it thoroughly. Oregon calls you to make youre experience lively and fun.

74°F high - 16°F low
Santa fe, New Mexico
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Avg Temp: 66°F high - 36°F low

Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico, and it is famous for being an artsy haven. And it grabs the attention of vacationers in October. Vacationers visiting in October will also get the opportunity to enjoy the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, the nearby Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and the Harvest Festival. Each of these experiences becomes more enjoyable in between the foliage. Santa Fe welcomes vacationers from diverse places and compels them to enjoy it fully. So, plan your trip to one of the best cities in Santa Fe and explore some beautiful places in the USA in October. The various festivals and other experiences all together make this experience a valuable one, thus visiting becomes worth it.

66°F high - 36°F low
Great Smoky Mountains National Park , Tennessee
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Avg Temp: 69°F high - 47°F low

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee has loads of scenery waiting to be looked at and acknowledged. Straddling the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, it is renowned for its diverse wildlife and simplistic yet attractive architecture. Which nicely represents the history and cultural heritage of the place. The green ancient mountains have a lot of greenery and beauty to offer their visitors, along with thrill and adventure. Remnants of Southern Appalachian culture who provide and act as a delegate of the rich and varied history there. October is one of the best times to visit due to the stunning fall foliage, making it a top destination for leaf-peeping and having a great time with your family.

 69°F high - 47°F low
Salem, Massachusetts
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Avg Temp: 87°F high - 70°F low

Salem, as the world already knows, has been made famous due to its witch trials; therefore, it has become an excellent destination for Halloween in October. Giving off its scary and chilly vibe, Salem never fails to amaze its visitors and keep them engaged with the idea of visiting Salem. The celebration for Halloween goes on for a month, which is made famous by “Haunted Happenings," which features many things ranging from ghost tours, haunted houses, and a grand Halloween parade. And the fun doesn’t just end there; you can still visit the Salem Museum. Take the ghost tour there; it will be filled with thrills and chills, and you can’t forget to enjoy the atmosphere of the historic town. 

Sedona, Arizona
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Avg Temp: 73°F high - 44°F low

Sedona is famous for its red rock formations, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. At the time of Halloween, around October, the city is lovely, and you can always elaborate on its stunning beauty and imagery set in the viewer's mind. It offers various excellent hiking, jeep tours, and vortex sites and is decorated with the theme of Halloween, for it is a big festival there as well. With these adventurous and fun activities at hand, experiencing this with your family is really valuable and cherishable. You’ll still be left amazed and never cease to enjoy the amazing visual beauty of Oak Creek Canyon and explore the chapel of the Holy Cross. The city of Sedona welcomes you to this myriad of feelings adventure.

73°F high - 44°F low
Anoka, Minnesota
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Avg Temp: 57°F high - 38°F low

Anoka, Minnesota, is also known as the “Halloween capital of the world” if you visit it around October, as it is fully engrossed in celebrating and working toward an excellent festival experience. The celebration practice and ritual include offering parades, house decorating contests, and a variety of family-friendly events. Therefore, you’ll see many decorated places during your visit there. You can have a great time there by visiting the local parks, historical sites, and nearby community events that co-occur. These events and various festivals celebrated are a way of representing the rich diversity of culture. Loads of nearby places include boundary waters, canoe area wilderness, quaint towns, and Duluth and the north shore. This small town has more than just places to offer; it ensures valuable memories.

St. Helens, Oregon
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Avg Temp: 62°F high - 44°F low

Also known to turn into “Halloweentown” every October, Helens offers many things that contribute to having a rich and homely experience during your time there as a vacation destination for October. You’ll get to experience the spooky vibe of the town by seeing pumpkin arvin, going on haunted tours, and having a massive custom parade here and there throughout the city. The charming cafes, shops, and restaurants tell a lot about its historical value. Also, don’t forget to visit the great Columbia River, which contributes to its beauty and extravagance for travelers to see and appreciate. Have a pleasant time with your family as you visit this quiet and very happening town. You’ll always be left wanting more and never stop craving a re-visit to this place.

Mackinac Island, Michigan
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Avg Temp: 69°F high - 57°F low

While looking for various places like cities and towns to visit in the USA at the time of October with winters at your doorstep, you can also choose to visit Mackinac Island, in Michigan, as the place to visit for your vacations, as it won’t fail to take you back into the time of horse-drawn carriages, historic sites, and beautiful natural scenery. The old traditional vibe this place offers is just surreal and must be experienced once by everyone. Don’t forget to visit Fory Mackinac, the Grand Hotel, and enjoy the mesmerizing views of Arch Rock. While not explicitly Halloween-themed, its unique atmosphere is perfect for an October visit; therefore, it’s a viable option to visit in October with your family and have fun.

Southern Utah , Utah
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Avg Temp: 67°F high - 41°F low

Utah ceases to be nothing less than the best destination for vacations in October, perfect for experiencing stunning fall foliage and cooler weather. Zion National Park offers breathtaking hikes amidst vibrant autumn colors. Bryce Canyon's unique rock formations glow under the fall's soft, golden light. These unique and famous locations are great to visit with your family. You’ll be left amazed with your eyes wide open due to how beautiful the place is. The state's varied landscapes, including Arches National Park, are ideal for outdoor adventures without the summer crowds. And we can never forget the Wasatch Mountains, which are a prime time for a perfect outdoor adventure. Utah’s natural beauty and pleasant weather make it an ideal spot for an October getaway.

67°F high - 41°F low

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FAQs about Good Places to Visit in October in the US

1 Is Halloween celebrated the whole month of October?

Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on 31 October, and before Halloween day, Halloween Eve is celebrated. Thus, it is an event of a day or two. Though it is an event of a day or two, in most regions of the USA, the preparations and the various festivals that occur at different times of the month take up the whole month.

2 Is October a perfect month to visit the USA?

Yes, October is one of the perfect months to visit the USA, as it is the fall season, and vacationers will love the changing weather of the country. With winter season at your doorstep, you can still have a great time, enjoy your vacations in any place in the USA, and make good memories with your family members and loved ones.

3 Is it cold in October in America?

Well, the major American cities enjoy mild weather during October. The daytime has high temperatures, typically 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 27 degrees Celsius), and the nights consistently average above freezing. So, it's not too much or too little to visit different places, and you can still have fun while not being constantly on an outlook for cold.

4 What are the popular events vacationers can celebrate in the USA in October?

Some of the best and most popular events vacationers can celebrate in October in the USA include Halloween, various region-specific festivals, and enjoying and experiencing the country's rich and varied cultural heritage. It’s perfect to have a great time with your family and make cherishable memories as you move ahead.