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Silver Airways is a Florida-based American airline with secondary hubs in Orlando and Tampa. It flies the most routes within Florida and serves the high demand between Florida and the Bahamas. As it provides comfort and good amenities, passengers flying with Silver Airways always have a pleasant experience. Therefore it is highly recommendable Airways to fly in. At FareGarage, we guarantee that our passengers will have the finest flight booking experience. We have a team of travel specialists who come up with exceptional Silver Airways deals and discounts, allowing travelers to save a lot of money on their flight bookings. We are authorized to book cheap Silver Airways flight tickets because the company has agreements with several carriers. As a result, passengers can book Silver Airways flights on our portal where they can also find good deals and offers. For booking you just need to login to our website or simply make a call at our customer care executive. So save money with every booking only at FareGarage.

Silver Airways Informations

  • IATA Code 3M
  • Airline Contact 801-401-9100.

About Silver Airways

After rebranding and re-launching from the bankrupt Gulfstream International Airways, Silver Airways was formed in December 2011. The airline began by focusing on flights between Florida and the Bahamas, later expanding to other sections of the United States and, eventually, the Caribbean islands. The airline also has various interline and codeshare agreements with American Airways, allowing passengers to connect to additional locations on the same itinerary with its partner flights. Air Canada, Alaska Airways, American Airways, All Nippon Airways, Avianca, Azul, Bahamasair, Delta, JetBlue, and United have interline/codeshare agreements with Silver Airways. Silver Airways has a fleet of 25 Saab 340B planes, each carrying 34 passengers. Seaborne Airways is the name of the airline that operates in the Caribbean. The ATR 42-600, ATR 72-600, de Havilland Twin Otter seaplane, and Saab 340B are among the aircraft in the fleet. Silver Airways is a Star Alliance affiliate airline that operates flights to 18 domestic destinations in Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Silver Airways Services

ATR 42-600 and ATR 72-600- The new ATR-600 series has the biggest cabin in the regional aircraft industry, with a new ergonomic design and lightweight skinny seats that provide passengers with optimal comfort, with up to a 32-inch pitch that provides more legroom than many mainline aircraft. Silver's ATR fleet also includes full-size overhead bins for carry-on luggage, full-size restrooms, bright LED illuminated cabins, and is quieter than regional jets. The new ATR-600 series also includes the newest avionics technology, as well as the latest advances in cockpit technology, such as simpler, integrated LCD advanced functionalities, which improve pilot safety and handling. The all-glass cockpit, which is state-of-the-art, decreases flight crew workload and improves situational awareness while also improving reliability, lowering maintenance costs, and reducing weight.

Saab 340- From 2012 to 2019, the Saab 340 was Silver's workhorse, until it was phased out and upgraded with the modern and bigger ATR 600 series aircraft. The Saab provided stunning views of the Florida coastline and the beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas to millions of passengers during its tenure in operation. The Saab 340 is still in service from Silver's San Juan hub, serving the Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, and five other Eastern Caribbean countries. Silver is happy to fly the Saab 340 "Bplus," the most recent generation of the aircraft, which includes additional noise suppression equipment and 2-by-1 seating all across the cabin.

The Seaplane- The Seaplane is an important part of St. Croix's transportation system, providing travellers with an exciting, quick, convenient, and distinctive method to travel between St. Thomas and St. Croix. The flying time from "downtown to downtown" is only 25 minutes. The seaplane may be the highlight of your Virgin Islands stay, as it is a preferred choice for business professionals and solo island hoppers.

  • check in
  • Silver Airways Check-in

    Online: On the Silver Airways online check-in page, passengers can check in for their flight. Online check-in is available 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time and is absolutely free. However, two hours before the scheduled departure time, online check-in closes.

    Airport: Passengers can also check-in at one of the airport check-in counters but they should arrive at least one hour before their domestic flight departure and at least two hours before their scheduled international flight departure. This will give you ample time to finish checking in, drop off any luggage, go through security, and board the plane. 

  • Baggage Allowance
  • Silver Airways Baggage Allowance

    Carry-On Baggage: On all flights, passengers are provided a free carry-on baggage allowance of one free carry-on bag and one free personal item. This luggage must fit readily under the seat in front of each passenger or in the overhead compartments in the cabin. Including handles and wheels, carry-on items should be no bigger than 9"H (22cm) x 14"W (35cm) x 22" L (55cm).-

    Checked Baggage Allowance: Passengers are not allowed to check their bags at free of cost, while travelling on flights. However, if checked baggage is required, passengers can purchase it. A single piece of luggage cannot weigh more than 23 kg (50 lbs) nor have overall dimensions greater than 62" (157 cm). Services for Baggage Refunds are not available for charges paid online, through Reservations, or at the airport. Travelers can pay for a maximum of two checked bags when paying baggage service fees online. All checked luggage fees are per bag, per person, and are charged one-way.

    Silver Airways In-Flight Facilities: The airline provides a very basic service at a reasonable price. Although there are few additional in-flight facilities, the airline does offer a polite and attentive cabin staff to assist passengers with any questions they may have during the boarding process or while in flight.

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FAQs about Silver Airways

1 How can I check in for Silver Airways flights?

Check in for most flights using the Silver Airways app or website from 24 hours to 1 hour before departure. You'll be able to select your seat and view your travel details regardless of the platform you use. 

2 What is Silver Airway s checked-in luggage allowance?

If you want to check your bags with Silver Airways, you'll have to pay a charge. The size and weight limits are often determined by a number of factors, including where you're going, the length of the flight, and possibly more.

3 How do I find cheap Silver Airways flights that have flexible change policies?

When seeing your search results, use the No change charge filter to find cheap Silver Airways flights with flexible change policies. If anything unexpected happens, there is no price to change your trip plans. You'll simply pay the difference in airfare.

4 Can I cancel my Silver Airways flight?

If you purchase a Freedom fare, there is no charge for seat selection when you make your reservation. If you buy an Escape or a Refundable fare, you'll be charged for seat selection at the time of booking. The airline will randomly allocate a seat at no charge within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time. 

5 Can I check a bag with Silver Airways?

Checked baggage with a maximum weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) and an outer dimension of 62 inches (157 cm) per bag will be accepted by Silver Airways. 

6 How do I contact Silver Airways?

You can reach our Reservation Center at 801-401-9100 in the U.S. and abroad between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m., seven days a week (EST). If you are in Bahamas then contact toll-free number: +1 844-674-5837. 


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