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About our Policy

We at Fare Garage assure our customers to live up to their expectations and we also assure to keep the confidential and personal information safe and secure with us. It is advised to go through this privacy policy to understand more about the privacy practices. We believe that by visiting the website, you are accepting all the norms and practices that have been mentioned herein.

Details of Personal Information Collected By Us

  • We gather and save all those information that you enter while using the website or providing us by any other medium. It can be used to identify the basic details including the first and last name, telephone number, postal and email address, billing details and so on. We may also request you to provide the information related to hotel, car rental details, etc. At this moment, you can choose what to provide and what not to, us. However, to make a booking from our website, you will be required to register as a member with us and at that time you will need to provide some of the details to complete the registration successfully.
  • In case you are booking a ticket on behalf of someone else at this website, we will request you to provide personal information along with travel preferences of that individual(s). You will also need the consent from them before providing their information and travel preferences. In case you want to make any change in their information, you will be allowed to access only via your account.
  • We also gather some of the information through the automatic input of computer, whenever you visit the website. This includes the web browser details, IP address, referring website, etc. We may also fetch the details about the online activities. We collect such information with a reason to customize your traveling experience and protect from fraudulent activity.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We use the important billing information including CC number, Cardholder name, expiry date and diverse travel executions that occurs over our website. We also use the other details for diverse purposes including

  • To provide travel information and other updates, you have once requested to us
  • To effectively manage your account including bills and notifications related to travel
  • To respond your questions as well as comments
  • To get diverse information from you including surveys, troubleshoot problems, preventing from illiegal activities, etc.
  • Providing travel-benefits by sending you travel opportunities based on the interests over email.

With whom all we share your details

  • Keeping in mind the safety and security, we share your details only with important service assistant including airline, and car rental service providers, who will be providing reservations. By making the reservation done via this website, will make you also authorize us to disclose the information being required for completing booking and deliver associated travel. These suppliers don't come under the control of FareGarage and personal information that is disclosed to them is subjected to applicable supplier's privacy policy and other security practices.Therefore, we would encourage you to review the privacy policy (ies) of any travel supplier whose products you purchase via this website.
  • There will be some independent vendors who deals to provide services/functions on our behalf, including the customer service, survey distribution, business analytics, marketing and fraud prevention also. We may allow these independent vendors to collect information on our behalf and precede the necessary functions. These independent vendors have permission to and may collect necessary information only when it is required to perform their functions only and are not allowed to share or make use of the same for any other means. They also have to follow the same set of data security practices that we adhere to on our own.
  • We may share your personal details with our corporate affiliates whenever the requirement for the same arises. This sharing also enables us to provide you with all essential information regarding products as well as services, both related to travel and to the ones that are not, which might of interest to you. To the extent that our company and corporate affiliates have the right to access to your information, they will follow all those practices that are at least as restraining as the practices as have been described in this document. They also will be in compliance with all applicable laws that govern transmission of promotional interactions and give you the option in any commercial email to opt out from all emails in the future.

We also may share your information

  • In regards to court orders, some other legal process, or summons, exercising our legal rights in order to defend against legal claims or as is otherwise required by the law. In such cases, we reserve the right to raise/waive off any legal objection/right that is available to us.
  • In connection with some corporate transaction such as merger, divestiture, consolidation or sale of asset unlikely to bankruptcy event.
  • To initiate investigation in regards of protecting and defending the rights, property or security of our company or this very website, our customers or others and in accordance with our Terms & Conditions and other bound agreements.

Exception Policy

People serving in the U.S. military, senior citizens, people between the age of 16-25 or affected by bereavement, customers with disabilities, refund or ticket change service fees under this policy, or terminal illness may receive a discount off cancellation, as mentioned below:

Category Eligibility requirements Discounts off service fees provided under the EP policy
U.S Military Military e-mail address must be provided 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Customers directly affected by natural disasters. Natural disasters are considered major adverse events resulting from the natural processes of Earth (e.g. earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.) 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Bereavement (Immediate family – children, siblings, parents and grandparents) Letter from the funeral home is required 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Senior citizens (over 65 years of age) Driver's license or state issued photo ID required 100% discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
Youth (ages between 16 and 25) Driver's license or state issued photo ID required 25% discount off ticket change fees
Customers with disabilities Doctor's Note 100% discount off cancellation, 50% discount off refund or ticket change fees.
Customers with terminal illness Doctor's Note 100% discount off cancellation, 50% discount off refund or ticket change fees.

Other Details You Should Know About Privacy

While accessing the website FareGarage, you may find some links of the third party websites, applications and services. It is advised to not that if you click any of those links, you will be redirected to third parties' website. Except as set forth, we will not disclose your personal details with these third party entities, and are not responsible for their respective privacy practices. We would advise you to visit their website's privacy policy and you will be solely responsible for the secrecy of your account details. We holds the right to amend our privacy policy from time to time whenever there is some need to make amendments to it. In case any kind of a proposed change is unacceptable to you, you may request to remove your personal information from our records.


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