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Explore Des Moines' rich history by visiting museums and historical landmarks such as the State Capitol Building and the Salisbury House.

Attend a performance at the Des Moines Civic Centre or explore the renowned Des Moines Art Centre to immerse yourself in the bustling cultural scene.

Nature lovers can stroll through the beautiful Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden or explore the gorgeous paths at Gray's Lake Park.

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About Des Moines

Des Moines, Iowa, in the Midwest of the United States, is a bustling metropolis that successfully blends small-town friendliness and big-city sophistication. Des Moines, Iowa, the state capital, is a bustling center of politics, business, and culture. Its population of about 215,000 people makes it a popular destination for both locals and tourists.

There are many fun things to do and see in Des Moines. The State Capitol Building is a breathtaking architectural marvel that houses an outstanding collection of artwork and historical artifacts, providing history buffs with a fascinating look into the city's past.

The Salisbury House is a museum housed in a Tudor-style home that gives visitors an insight into the lives of the city's aristocracy in the early 20th century.

Des Moines is a cultural hotspot, home to dozens of museums, art galleries, and performing arts venues that highlight the best in regional and international creation.

For those interested in modern and contemporary art, a trip to the Des Moines Art Centre is a must. Throughout the year, the Des Moines Civic Centre hosts several concerts, Broadway productions, and other live entertainment.

Des Moines is a city rich in options for those who enjoy spending time in nature. The beautiful variety of plant life and serene atmospheres of the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden never fail to wow. With its tranquil lake, hiking trails, and picnic areas, Gray's Lake Park is the perfect place to escape it all.

Des Moines is well-known for its excellent dining options, including eateries, breweries, and coffee houses. Foodies can choose from various options, including farm-to-table meals and dishes with exotic flavors.

Best Time to Visit Des Moines

 Des Moines, Iowa, experiences distinct seasons throughout the year, offering unique charm and attractions. The best time to visit Des Moines depends on your preferences and the type of activities you plan to engage in during your stay. 

High Season

June through August is Des Moines' peak tourist season. Temperatures in the 21-27 degree range (about the 70s to 80s Fahrenheit) are typical during this time of year. Outdoor festivals, concerts, and other cultural events bring the city to life. Beautiful parks and gardens await visitors, as do opportunities for water sports at adjacent lakes and the exciting nightlife of the central business district. 

Low Season

Des Moines has its off-season during December and February. Although temperatures in Des Moines might drop below zero at this time of year, there are fewer tourists and better hotel deals. If you don't mind the chill, winter is a great time to visit the city's museums and theatres without fighting the crowds. 

Best Places to Visit in Des Moines

State Capitol Building

 The State Capitol Building is a must-see since it is an architectural wonder. Take a guided tour to see the stunning artwork, complex craftsmanship, and educational historical exhibit that fills its interior. 

Pappajohn Sculpture Park

 The Pappajohn Sculpture Park is an outdoor gallery displaying works by prominent modern artists. Stroll around and take in the stunning contrast of the urban landscape with diverse and thought-provoking artworks. 

Des Moines Art Centre

 Third, the Des Moines Art Centre is a must-visit for any art lovers in the area. Pieces by famous modern and contemporary painters, including Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol, are on display here. 


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