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 Fairbanks is an excellent town situated in the Alaska region, which is very widespreaded in an approx 2395 kms, from the start of the Alaskan Highway down to the Dawson Creek, BC. It is comsidered as the second-largest city of Alaskan State and, being a well-known junction of several major highways, It have been a major stop for most of the visitors to the state. Fairbanks isn't like a lot of towns because this extraordinary city offers a lot to it;s visitors. There's a Costco situated, a Wal-Mart, a Home Depot and a McDonald's situated here but don't let this fool you as Fairbanks have a number of cuisines which are popular localy here. Fairbanks have been also known for it's Winter adventures as there are a plenty of Alaskan originals stuffs here which one may enjoy throughout their journey. 

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Fairbanks Flight Informations

  • IATA Code FAI

About Fairbanks

Fairbanks International Airport have codes is (IATA: FAI) (ICAO: PAFA). Which serves for both remote destinations in Alaska's local as well as to the international cities. Direct flights are available from Anchorage, Barrow, Seattle and much more including many more cities. Many airlines including Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air and Era Aviation serve Fairbanks during the whole year round and are there many primary air carriers like Delta Air Lines too, which operates in Fairbanks though their service is seasonal but Frontier Airlines provides seasonal direct flights from Denver.

Best Time to Visit Fairbanks

 The best time to visit Fairbanks is from July to August. Shoulder seasons includes May to June and August through September, are also ideal to pay a visit here. Although peak season brings the highest accommodation rates and the largest crowds of the year, it also welcomes the warmest weather, with average temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees F. 

Low Season

 Compared to the lower 48 degrees, spring comes later than summers, here in Fairbanks. Temperatures in April can still sink into the teens which are quite shivering, and snow stays on the ground into June which results in catching low crowd but low crowd during the spring time's is also an excellent time to see the northern lights. 

High Season

 The crisp of autumn brings sunny days and golden foliage here, as well as the dropping temperatures and increased rain helps in plans dress in layers, as the weather can go from sunny in the 60s to rainy in the 40s in a millisecond. That said, it's a great time for hiking, and the darkening skies herald the beginning of the aurora borealis (The Northern Lights) viewing season. 

Best Places to Visit in Fairbanks

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

 This museum is like stepping back in time. One my learn many new things about the history of this particular area whilst enjoying an amazing collection of classic and antique cars, as visitors gets amazed to see over one hundred exhibits including horse less carriages, vintage racing cars and even some classics that are still driven today during the summer months. 

Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Centre

 This is an informative centre and is a must visit place at the beginning of your trip. The display gives visitors an insight into the history of the local area and the meaning to live in Alaska today. Visitors can also gather information about the things to do and also some of the recommended places to eat and pick up maps to use for the rest of your visit. This exhibit area also includes a theatre where you can see free films about history and diversity including the fabulous aurora. 

Running Reindeer Ranch

 A lovely experience to have in Alaska is all about walking down while observing wild reindeer up close and personal. At the running reindeer ranch, visitors have a chance to meet with the home owner who will take you out from their house to the woods where the reindeer live. The reindeers here are used by the local people, so you can observe them closely without disturbing them, whilst your guide will tell you more about these magnificent creatures. 

Northern Lights tour

 One of the biggest rewards for any visitors is moving out of town to creating the chance to see the fantastic Northern Lights. Here in Fairbanks you can take a tour to get the best views of the colors of the sky with an unforgettable experience. There are a few different tour companies that offer the same kind of tour with an ultimate aim of finding the best spots to see the lights. 

University of Alaska Museum of the North

 Wildlife and history combined, this spectacular museum takes you through 2000 years of Alaskan fine art and history. Tourist attractions here include the state's largest collection of gold and a mummified steppe bison. The museum covers a wide range of topics. Such as, the local people of Alaska and their traditions, the geology and climate, and of course the animals, from Arctic dinosaurs to current species. 

Chena River State Recreation Area

 Get out into the boondocks or take a trek through this beautiful national park. There are plenty of trails to take as the maps can be picked up at the visitor centre in main town of Fairbanks. The lakes here are gorgeous here too and you may want to rent a kayak or take a kayaking tour to discover the area even more deeply. 


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