14 Major Airlines in the United States of America

Domestic air travel in the United States is dominated by a handful of top-rated airlines, offering passengers a wide range of travel options. These airlines consistently rank among the best in service, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. Travelers seeking domestic top airlines in the United States have several reputable carriers, ensuring a comfortable and efficient travel experience. These carriers prioritize customer comfort and safety while offering competitive pricing to attract travelers looking for cheap domestic flights. Among the top-rated domestic airlines in the USA, passengers can expect a blend of affordability and quality service. Whether flying for business or leisure, passengers can rely on these airlines to provide reliable and convenient travel options to destinations nationwide.

With a focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, the best domestic airlines offer a range of amenities and services to enhance the travel experience. From comfortable seating and in-flight entertainment to convenient booking options and efficient baggage handling, domestic flights in the US strive to meet the diverse needs of their passengers. Travelers can trust these airlines to deliver a seamless and enjoyable journey from takeoff to landing. For those seeking the best airline for domestic travel in the USA, these top-rated domestic airlines stand out for their commitment to excellence and dedication to providing exceptional service. With a strong reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, these airlines remain the preferred choice for millions of travelers each year, offering a convenient and affordable way to explore diverse destinations within the United States.

1. Alaska Airlines:

Alaska Airlines was founded in 1932 and commenced its services in 1944. It is headquartered at SeaTac, Washington. The primary and secondary hubs of the airline are Seattle/Tacoma, Anchorage, Portland (OR), San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The airline’s IATA and ICAO codes are AS and ASA. It is known as one of the major airlines of America. The airline’s fleet size is 330 and covers 98 destinations. One of the best-rated domestic airlines is quite popular among travelers for various reasons, including a robust flight schedule, the best customer service, mishandled luggage, the lowest flight cancellation rate, and denied boarding. The employees of the airline exhibit not only a strong sense of empowerment but also demonstrate commendable levels of responsibility.

2. Allegiant Air:

Allegiant Air airline was founded in 1997 and commenced its operation in 1998. It was founded as WestJet Express but later wholly owned by the Allegiant Travel Company. It is headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada, US. The airline’s IATA and ICAO codes are G4 and AAY. The primary and secondary hubs of the airline are Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Fort Walton Beach, Indianapolis, Orlando/Sanford, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Albuquerque, etc. The airline’s total fleet size is 109, covering 129 destinations. The airline is popular among travelers because it offers reasonable airfare, the best domestic flights in the USA, easy reservations, and in-flight benefits. It also bolsters administration, travel involvement, and consumer loyalty. It also has unmatchable in-flight administrations and offices offered to travelers.

3. American Airlines:

American Airlines isfounded in 1926, the airline commenced its operation 10 years later, i.e., 1936. It is one of the top airlines in the United States and the world’s largest airline in terms of fleet size. The airline is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, within the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. The airline’s IATA and ICAO codes are AA and AAL. The primary and secondary hubs of the airline are Dallas/Fort Worth, Charlotte, Chicago-O’Hare, Los Angeles, Miami, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, Philadelphia, Phoenix-Sky Harbor, and Washington-Nation. The airline offers several classes of services, including Domestic First Class, Premium Economy, Main Cabin Extra, and Main Cabin. Travelers who haven’t experienced flying on this airline must try it once.

4. Delta Airlines:

Delta airline was founded in 1925 and commenced its operation in 1929. It was founded as Huff Daland Dusters and later became Delta. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. The airline has 9 hubs, including primary and secondary, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York-JFK, New York-LaGuardia, Salt Lake City, and Seattle/Tacoma. The IATA and ICAO codes are DL and DAL. The airline’s fleet size is 750, covering 325 destinations in 52 countries and 6 continents. It is also known as the founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. The airline offers several classes of service, including Delta One, Premium Select, First Class, Delta Comfort+, and Main Cabin.

5. Hawaiian Airlines:

Hawaiian Airlines is founded as Inter-Island Airways in early 1929, and commenced its operations in late 1929. It is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States. Though the airline’s fleet size is not as big (61) as other airlines, it is Hawaii’s flag carrier and the largest airline. It is also known as the tenth-largest commercial airline in the U.S. It is also known as one of the oldest US carriers. The IATA and ICAO codes are HA and HAL. The airline has many happy customers due to several factors, including the lowest cancellations and baggage handling issues. If you are one of the travelers who haven’t experienced it yet, you must try it.

6. JetBlue Airways:

JetBlue Airways is the best domestic airline was founded in 1998 as NewAir and commenced its operation in 2000 as JetBlue Airways. The airline is headquartered in Brewster Building, Long Island City, New York, United States. It is one of the low-cost airlines and is known as the seventh-largest airline in North America. Though the airline is not part of any of the three major airline alliances, it has signed codeshare agreements with 21 airlines, including Oneworld, SkyTeam, and Star Alliance member airlines. The airline operates approx. 1,000 flights daily and serves 100 domestic and international network destinations in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Travelers must fly with this airline to experience its best services.

7. Southwest Airlines:

Southwest airlines is founded as Air Southwest in 1967, the airline commenced its operation in 1971 as Southwest Airlines. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, U.S. It has scheduled service to 111 destinations in the United States and 10 additional countries. The IATA and ICAO codes are WN and SWA. Southwest Airlines carried more domestic passengers than any other United States airline as of 2018. The airline’s fleet size is 734, serving 113 destinations in 40 states, including Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. This one of the cheap domestic airlines in the USA offers excellent facilities to travelers on the ground and in the air; from meals to in-flight entertainment, the airline provides the best travel service.

8. Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines is one of the low-cost airlines headquartered in Miramar, Florida, in the Miami metropolitan area, and is founded in 1983 as Charter One and commenced its services in 1990. The primary and secondary headquarters are Atlantic City, Detroit, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago-O’Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Baltimore, and Orlando. The airline’s IATA and ICAO codes are NK and NKS. The airline operates its services throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The airline’s fleet is 159, and it serves 77 destinations. Travelers can fly in this well-facilitated airline for a better flying experience. Spirit Airlines is known for its no-frills approach, offering affordable fares with options for additional amenities for those premium travelers who desire them.

9. United Airlines:

United Airlines is founded in 1926, the airline commenced its operations in 1931. United Airlines is one of the Major American airlines headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. The primary and secondary hubs of the airline are Chicago-O’Hare, Denver, Houston-Intercontinental, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington-Dulles. The airline’s IATA and ICAO codes are UA and UAL. The airline serves passengers with a fleet size of 827 and destinations 342 in 6 continents. It is also a founding member of the Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance with 28 member airlines. Independent carriers operate the airline’s Regional service under the brand name United Express. United Airlines is renowned for its commitment to passenger safety, comfort, and sustainability.

10. Sun Country Airlines:

Sun Country Airlines is established in 1982, the airline commenced its operations in 1983. It is one of the ultra-low-cost airlines that enables passengers to fly comfortably on cheap airfare. It also operates a cargo service. The IATA and ICAO codes are SY and SCX. The airline’s primary and secondary hubs are Minneapolis/St. Paul, Dallas/Fort Worth, Las Vegas, and Portland (OR). The headquarters is based at Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. The airline’s fleet is 43, and it serves 58 destinations. Travelers who want to enjoy flying within the US can get airline tickets from this airline. With its focus on affordability and convenience, this airline continues to expand its reach, offering more options for travelers seeking budget-friendly flights across the United States.

11. Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines offers travelers exceptional service and value. Founded in 1994, Frontier has built a reputation for its commitment to providing affordable yet high-quality flights nationwide. Focusing on customer satisfaction and comfort, Frontier ensures passengers experience a seamless journey from booking to landing. The airline operates a modern fleet with the latest amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers. Frontier’s extensive network covers numerous destinations within the United States, making it a convenient choice for business and leisure travelers. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, Frontier Airlines strives to exceed your expectations with its reliable service, affordable fares, and dedication to delivering the best domestic flights in the USA.

12. SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines began operations in 1974 as a regional airline, which is established in Established in 1972. It operates as a regional partner under major airline brands such as Delta Connection, United Express, American Eagle, and Alaska SkyWest Airlines. The IATA and ICAO codes are OO and SKW. SkyWest Airlines’ primary hubs include Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, and Denver, with secondary hubs in Atlanta, Chicago-O’Hare, and Minneapolis/St. Paul. The headquarters is located in St. George, Utah. With a fleet size of over 500 aircraft, SkyWest Airlines serves over 250 destinations across North America. It is renowned for its reliability, efficiency, and commitment to seamless connectivity between smaller communities and major airline hubs. Travelers can rely on SkyWest Airlines for convenient and dependable regional air travel experiences.

13. Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines commenced operations in 1982 as a regional airline and is founded in 1980. It operates as a regional partner under major airline brands such as American Eagle and United Express. The IATA and ICAO codes are YV and ASH. Mesa Airlines’ primary hubs include Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, with additional focus cities in Houston, Washington-Dulles, and Albuquerque. The headquarters is based in Phoenix, Arizona. With a fleet size of over 145 aircraft, Mesa Airlines serves more than 200 destinations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Bahamas. Known for its reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction, Mesa Airlines offers passengers convenient connections to many of the most essential airline networks and regional destinations.

14. Republic Airways

Republic Airways, established in 1973, has emerged as one of the best-rated domestic airlines since its inception. Republic Airways ensures top-notch service as a regional airline operating under major carriers’ banners like American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. The airline, with IATA and ICAO codes YX and RPA, boasts primary hubs in Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Miami. Their fleet of over 200 aircraft serves numerous destinations across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Passengers praise Republic Airways for its reliability, comfortable travel experience, and seamless connectivity to major hubs. With a focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence, Republic Airways continues to be a preferred choice for domestic travelers seeking quality air travel services.

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