Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Summer in the USA

A vacation is a treat to the mind, soul, body, and eyes. It is truly a much-needed break that everyone must avail themselves of every year. It is not only a break for the family and friends, but eventually, it is a moment, where the entire family spends some quality time with each other and recalls it throughout their life. Thus, a family vacation is more important than a toy to the kids, one must plan it. If you are looking to finalize a destination to visit and enjoy the upcoming summer vacation in the U.S. then you must take a look at this list where you can visit for this summer break. The list will give you an idea of where you can visit with the family and have a memorable trip. Travelers can cover two and more U.S. destinations for their vacations, so have a look and get ready to pack your bags for the desired destination.

1- Mackinac Island, Michigan:

When it is a summer break people look for a cool and comfortable place to enjoy, thus one must plan their travel for Mackinac Island. Here travelers can enjoy staying at the well-facilitated resorts and enjoy the natural loveliness. To experience it more closely, travelers can enjoy sightseeing by horse, bicycles, or on foot. Apart from exploration, tourists can even get indulge in numerous adventurous experiences like Kayaking, horseback riding, etc. By experiencing everything in one place will make your summer vacation memories for sure. So, enjoy the tour to the fullest.

2. Santa Barbara:

Here at Santa Barbara, travelers can enjoy witnessing the panoramic view of the sunset at Butterfly beach. Apart from enjoying the natural loveliness, tourists can indulge in good surfing at Arroyo Burro Beach Country Park. Once you are one with surfing, enjoy the eateries and wineries to woo your sense like never before. Some of the attractions tourists must visit here are Old Mission Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Zoo, Stearns Warf, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, etc. The pleasant weather conditions of the city enable travelers to enjoy the summertime with loved ones, so get your flight tickets booked to enjoy it thoroughly.

3. Northern Vermont:

It is a blissful destination in the USA, which enables tourists to have a “Wow Experience” by enjoying the Hot Air Balloon Ride. The region offers full-fledged outdoor activities to travelers including biking, skiing, mountain biking, etc. The region also offers you sightseeing and relaxing experiences for travelers. Some of the popular places where tourists can visit are Church Street Marketplace, Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farm, Dog Mountain, Morse Farm maple sugar works, etc. The experience of this sightseeing along with amazing adventure activities makes the Northern Vermont tour fantastic. So, get ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

4. Knoxville:

Travelers who are looking for the best place to travel in summer can visit Knoxville as it is located in Tennessee in between the smoky mountains. The major attraction of the city is its Market Square where there are lots of fountains and tourists can splash in between them. Apart from this activity, travelers can enjoy the lip-smacking dishes at restaurants, bakeries offering delicious bakery products, etc. Tourists can even head towards the Museum of art where you can witness the local artwork of the place. The blend of these experiences makes Knoxville a perfect place to visit for summer break in the USA.

5. Maui:

To spend a leisure summer holiday, travelers must head towards Maui. Not only for loveliness, but Maui is also famous for its tranquility, tropical environment, dormant volcanoes, and cascading waterfalls. Once travelers are done with soaking up the sun on the hammock, then they can enjoy snorkeling as this place is known for its adventure experiences. It offers immense fun and unique experiences to travelers, with its great extraordinary feature. So, don’t just wait, enjoy visiting Maui and have lots of fun. After all, it is the best summer vacation spot in the US

6Cape Cod:

Beat the heat of summer by visiting Cape Cod. It is a hook-shaped peninsula of the U.S. state of Massachusetts. The sites of seafood shacks, quaint villages, lighthouses, ponds, and Bay, make it one of the best summer destinations. The quaint villages with old ice-cream parlors attract tourists. If you are a beach lover, then Cape Cod is the best place for you. Here tourists can enjoy fishing and kayaking in terms of adventure activities and also get indulge in listening to live music; and visiting art galleries. The blend of all these experiences compels tourists to spend more time in the city and have immense fun with the family. Isn’t it sound exciting to you? Of Course, it is, so get your bags pack and enjoy your summer holiday. 

7. Yellowstone:

Nature lovers also visit the very popular Yellowstone in the regions of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho sections of Yellowstone as it is known as one of the best places to visit in Summer. Every summer the region welcomes thousands of travelers from all across the globe. Here visitors get indulge to explore the Old Faithful’s tremendous eruptions, hike through the extensive Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, etc. To add more fun to the journey visitors can also visit the Grand Prismatic Spring’s mesmerizing hues to gaze at wild animals. Each of these experiences of Yellowstone will win the heart of travelers for sure. Tourists might find the national park’s trails, and lodges to be busy, but it is due to summer vacation, so get your booking done in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. 

8. Portland:

Where to go in summer is one of the toughest questions every traveler wants to resolve. If you are also confused, then leave worries and get your tickets booked for Portland. Portland Maine is one of the beautiful, fun-loving, and full of flavor city that welcomes travelers from all corners of the world. During summer the temperature of the place exceeds 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but even though it offers pleasant and comfortable weather conditions to enjoy the outdoor activities. The city will not disappoint the nature enthusiasts as here they can explore the preserved natural beauty and simplistic vibe. Once you reach the region, don’t miss visiting its very popular lighthouses of the place. 

9. San Francisco:

San Francisco is one of the popular places to go during summer. The warmth of the place welcomes visitors in every weather condition. Thus, if you want to head towards San Francisco in Summers, then get ready for it. Right from remarkable beaches to the Golden Gate Bridge, every attraction of the place offers immense fun opportunities to vacationers. Apart from sightseeing and experiencing outdoor activities, travelers must visit the live concerts with street artists and musicians. The experience is nothing less than the festivals, so even in a short span of summer vacation, tourists can enjoy it thoroughly. Lastly, don’t miss visiting the very popular Pier39 and witness dozens of sea lions, which you can’t see anywhere else. 

10. Route 66:

You might be confused with the name that which place is this. Well, travelers who want to cover the number of destinations in a single tour can enjoy this Route 66 – road trip for which you need to drive Route 66 across the country from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California, and visit the small towns in between. Such kind of different summer vacation also wins the heart of travelers. Throughout the drive, tourists can visit several historic places. It is not only different in terms of sightseeing, but it is also budget-friendly. It saves a lot of money. If you don’t have many leaves with you, don’t bother this road trip will not disappoint you. Get your bags ready for it and have unforgettable experiences. 

The blog covers the best places to travel in the summer in the US, so visit the most appropriate place of your choice. Though each destination covered in this blog has a different experience, so pick the best one or plan an itinerary to cover two or three destinations and get the flight and hotel tickets booked in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. Lastly have lots of fun at your preferred location with your family and friends. 

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