Most Expensive Islands to Visit around the World in 2024

Island is somewhere in the middle of nowhere. A luxury that you can’t resist. The beauty of these islands is adorable, surrounded by a deep blue ocean there’s a lot of amazing, adventurous, and luxurious stuff that you can enjoy throughout your journey and stays. These islands can fulfill your desire to enjoy luxuries. Luxury means more splurge so be carefree and enjoy the beauty of these most expensive Islands in the World.

These islands are no less than a paradise, the beauty of luxury in a paradise, sounds amazing, but before going further ahead we all know that the meaning of travel has changed a lot during these years after Covid but still, they are safe and enjoyable with all the security required. Here’s the list of the most expensive Islands all around the world.

1- Cocoa Island – Maldives

This island isn’t just one of the most expensive but also the most iconic as it allows you to stay over the turquoise blue ocean water including several tours which provide you the access to experience other islands and wildlife nearby.

This island is also known for its exotic beaches of the Maldives and popularly attracts romantic tourists and couples but that doesn’t mean you can’t be here with your family or friends. You may enjoy your luxury trip by scuba diving and exploring marine life.

Best Time To Visit– June to August is the perfect time to visit these islands.

2- Fregate Island – Seychelles

This is a private island renowned for its luxurious villas and pools in the Indian Ocean. One of the most expensive Islands has a lot to offer including seven beautiful beaches and a bunch of water sports as well.

This private luxurious Island is known for its luxury like windsurfing, cycling, hiking, fishing, etc. with more endless things to enjoy here. Nothing is ordinary here and is worth experiencing.

Best Time To Visit – April to May and October to November is considered as the best time to visit here.

3- Mystique Island – West Indies

Mystique is an island escape like no other. The beauty of white sandy beaches has made this island another hottest tourist destination in the world. Being one of the most luxurious islands it has some stunning and breathtaking water views.

This island is popularly known for its white sandy beaches and is also a popular vacation hotspot among celebrities. From scuba diving to tennis you can enjoy a lot including the Marconi beach with much more.

Best Time To Visit – December is considered to be the best and perfect time to pay a visit here.

4- Laucala Island – Fiji

With the palm-lined beaches and Coral reefs, Fiji hits our mind, Laucala private island is one of them. For long it has been one of the most beautiful and desired places to hit on vacations all around the world. With a bunch of luxurious resorts, it also offers mind-blowing views and beautiful views.

The rainforest-guided walking tours, jet skis, with a lot more water sports will leave you speechless. The beauty of marine life here is also an option for those who found themselves fascinated by wildlife or marine life.

Best Time To Visit – October is considered to be the best month for tourists.

5- Calivigny Island – Grenada

The sandy beaches produce an excellent view of the Atlantic Ocean. The sunsets are amazing here and also the place is easily accessible. This place is completely known for its luxury.

Going for an early morning jog, or even playing a game of tennis with a lot more luxurious activities are a part of this island.

Best Time To Visit – October is the finest month to be here and enjoy the luxury of this beautiful island.

6- Necker Island – The British Virgin Islands

These islands have the bluest of waters which are surrounded by coral reefs and beautiful white sandy beaches. The luxury here is amazing with an expert hospitality team that may assist you to even lift your finger once.

This place is a complete paradise for those who are looking for a break from the monotony of everyday life. Rather than water sports and entertainment, this island has late-night parties and a relaxing spa that may relax you from your daily routine.

Best Time To Visit – July and November are certainly the best time to visit this island.

7- Musha Cay – Bahamas

This is a super gorgeous island and will cost you very high only for a night. Also, that’s it’s worth it! The extraordinary scenic views here are completely different and enjoyable with family and friends. Nature here is completely amazing with many water sports to enjoy and a spa to relax.

This place has been attracting tourists for a long time, so whether it’s water sports or relaxing on its dreamy beach, Everything is worthy here with the luxury that has been provided to the tourists here.

Best Time To Visit – November – April is considered to be the best as the weather remains very calm during this time.

8- Bora Bora Island – French Polynesia

This island is one of the most celebrated islands in the south Pacific sea. The rich culture over here has promoted tourists and tourism here for many decades. The tropical marine life is also amazing here as this place is covered with Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia, this makes it a scenic paradise.

From visiting the experiencing the deep culture of this island’s main village you may enjoy a wide variety of local cuisines, scuba diving is also a popular activity here as you get a chance to explore the marine life here.

Best Time To Visit – November and April are counted as some of the best times to visit here.

9- Fogo Island – Canada

Considered to be one of the most expensive places for vacations in the world. This place is situated in Canada and it owns impeccable beauty. This island is popular for its unique location. The beauty of this island lies in nature only as it promises you several scenic views.

Taking any popular adventure trail on this island will make you experience the beauty of nature over here. Canada is already known and popular for its luxury and beauty. So if you’re here for a vacation then you need not worry about anything as the luxury here is enough to keep you warm in the chills also.

Best Time To Visit – July and August here are sensational for tourists as the weather remains joyful.

10- Cyprus – Middle East

The Middle East is a place where you can find luxury at its best. This island is popular not because it’s luxurious but also for the honey-colored beaches, ancient ruins, forests. Everything here can make your vacation not just amazing but even breathtaking.

This place is the birthplace of an ancient goddess, so it won’t lack culture and heritage, beyond these things the beaches here are sensational as they produce scenic views that make this place a complete paradise. Various water transport can take you into the history of these islands.

Best Time To Visit – from March till April are considered the best here for tourists to experience a culture and history here.

11- Lanai Island – Hawaii

This place is fantastic for those who not only want luxury but also believe in tranquility. Not only being luxurious but producing complete tranquility is something that will attract tourists, so it has. The scenic views here are beyond any description.

This island has still a lot more to offer as the marine life and cuisines offered by resorts and restaurants are a part of Hawaiian culture. The deep culture with luxurious stays and the peace of mind produced through the scenic views makes this place no less than the heaven of earth.

Best Time To Visit – June to November are certainly the best time to be here.

12- Cerralvo Island – Mexico

This is a small island but rich and wide experienced as this place is renowned for its fishing and luxurious kinds of stuff. The weather here is also consistent throughout the year which attracts tourists all around from the world.

The island has a very long east coastline which stretches around 18 miles long and can probably make you walk or take a ride along these coastlines. The hotels and resorts here provide you with amazing Mexican cuisines which are famous worldwide.

Best Time To Visit – July to November is considered as the perfect time to pay a visit as the time is perfect for fishing also.

13- Galapagos Island – Ecuador

This is a delightful destination for all nature lovers and wildlife explorers. This is a home to countless birds, iguanas, huge turtles, etc. This island is also known for its scenic views because of rock formations, volcanic eruptions, and gorgeous beaches.

Visitors and tourists love to visit North Seymour Island to listen to the reviving chirps of birds. Witnessing the wild turtles or taking a short hike. This island is completely sensational.

Best Time To Visit – From June to November is counted as the best time to visit and enjoy your luxury in the wilderness.

14- Cayo Espanto – Belize

This can be your one of the most expensive vacation as this is one of the most expensive islands around the world, popular for its luxurious hideout. The cuisine is famous and the luxury is amazing here. Having your villa near to the shore or indulging in patties are the trend here.

Guided fly fishing is one the most popular activities here, or you may go on an official Belize tour, and if not this then just hide in your hideout as this is all about luxury.

Best Time To Visit – From November till April you can hide here, anytime.

15- Rang Yai – Thailand

One of the most beautiful and expensive islands in Thailand, this island is easily accessible. There’s a lot more here than just luxury here as having out and relaxing bear to a beach is the most preferred option but you may visit the airgun shooting range and learn the basics about it.

This island is famous for its Luxury and scenic beauties along with all the adventures that are offered here. From spending your day relaxing and chilling to the adrenaline rush of any adventure sports, you can enjoy it all here.

Best Time To Visit – November till May are the most preferred months here as the weather remains calm and enjoyable.

From Asia to the Caribbean to any part of the world there are many places where you can spend your money to get all the luxury you want, but these 15 islands around the world are amazing not just in luxury but they can provide you with the peace of mind which is enough for a perfect vacation with your family, friends or anyone.

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