16 Best Places to Visit in June in the USA

June is the month of summer vacations and kids expect their parents to take them for a lovely vacation. If you haven’t thought about where to go this year yet, don’t bother. We have come up with a list of destinations where you can take your family, especially to the kids. Some of the popular destinations in the USA in June that one should explore along with family are covered in this blog. One must explore these fantastic destinations, not only because of fulfilling kid’s desires but to experience the charm of the place and its specialty. So, some of the attractions you must visit and have fun are as follows:

1. Grand Canyon:

To visit Grand Canyon during summer is the best time and fortunately the best place to visit in June. Though it is the busiest time to explore this attraction but don’t worry about the crowd. Vacationers won’t get the crowd at North Rim. People can experience exploring the northern rim amazingly because of the comfortable and adventure activities. Here visitors can indulge in numerous activities like hiking trails and biking at South Rim. People can also experience the mule ride at Canyon.

Activities: Hiking, Mule ride, Exploring parks and garden, camping, etc. All these activities will make your visit to Grand Canyon Memorable.

2. Santa Barbara:

Located at the base of the Santa Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara’s ocean breezes, perfect temperature year-round, and a quite calmer place welcome vacationers for summer break. At this place, visitors can enjoy lying down on beaches for hours and hours, enjoy witnessing the beautiful sunset at butterfly beach, and lots more activities like surfing and hiking. The adventure activities will not disappoint vacationers as it certainly meets their expectations by offering the opportunities of surfing and hiking.

Activities: Enjoy art and culture, outdoor recreation, kayaking, unbeatable food, and wine tasting at numerous restaurants. The blend of these activities will make you’re your unforgettable.

3. Wellfleet:

If you are looking for a calmer destination away from hustle and bustle, then Wellfleet is the place for you. It is a perfect destination where visitors can spend their day well in between the cool breeze and tranquility. However, sports enthusiasts or kids need not disappoint as the place has something for everyone. Right from brilliant kayaking to windsurfing, wildlife sanctuary to hiking and biking, everything is available for you. Here visitors also get the chance to explore marine life and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

Activities: Kayaking, Windsurfing, Hiking, Biking, Marine life exploration, and wildlife sanctuary visit. Each of these experiences makes travelers fond of this destination for sure.

4. Northern Vermont:

Widely popular for the natural landscape and forests, the beautiful hundreds of wooden bridges of the 19th century. Isn’t it great to explore the beautiful landscapes and some of the historic bridges? Well, it is truly a different experience that you cannot have in between the hustle-bustle city life, so one must experience. In case natural sightseeing is not your cup of tea, then don’t worry sports lovers can experience the Ski Mountains covering a wide range of restaurants and routes for hiking. Visitors can also experience the zipline canopy tour.

Activities: Some of the activities vacationers can enjoy in Northern Vermont are hiking, zipline, natural sightseeing, brewery tasting, a visit to farms and museums, etc.

5. Oregon:

To beat the heat of summers, vacationers can even plan their travel to very popular Oregon. Here, visitors will experience the Pacific breezes and damp air along with misty and lush green surroundings. While exploring this place, visitors can enjoy the delicious food, Tillamook cheese, local fruit, pastries, etc. The experience of local food tasting will be truly different from any other thing. Now, once you are done with enjoying the natural loveliness, sightseeing, and local eateries, get ready to add adventure flavor to it by enjoying kayaking, scuba diving, and surfing to world-class fishing, crabbing, and clamming.

Activities: kayaking, scuba diving, and surfing to world-class fishing, crabbing, clamming, hike winding trails, bike along the boardwalk, etc. These activities will win your heart for sure.

6. Knoxville:

Located on the banks of the Tennessee River and foothills of Smoky mountains, makes a perfect temperature for vacationers to enjoy it. While exploring this place, make sure to visit Market Square, it is a big and spacious place and visitors can enjoy comfortably in between the splash through the water fountains. The market square is also known as a well-known place for theater performances, a farmers’ market, and many other festivals and events. If you get a chance to explore and enjoy it, you must try it. Vacationers can also experience live music from bluegrass to contemporary rock.

Activities: Bicycling, mountain biking, road biking, greenway biking, birding, disc golf, fishing, etc. Try your hands on your favorite one.

7. Maui:

Being the most preferred destination for summer break, Maui welcomes travelers from all corners of the world. Here visitors can enjoy a tropical environment, sleeping volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, gleaming beaches, and a coastline that measures up to 30 miles. By providing an array of options to enjoy with families it is known as the best places to visit in June 2021 in the USA. Here, visitors can also enjoy snorkeling and soaking up in the sun. There is a long list to write about Maui, but words can’t express better than experiencing my own. So, plan your visit to Maui and have a fantastic experience.

Activities: Hiking a valley, helicopter tour, enjoy sunrise, snorkeling, soaking up in between the sun, etc. These experiences will win the heart of vacationers.

8. Ithaca:

Just after winters, the city starts enjoying the warm temperatures which are again enjoyable. The much vibrant city of Ithaca boasts fresh and unique products to taste the wines. Thus, make sure to visit the restaurants of the place to try the unique wines made here. The beautiful landscapes and scenic views of Ithaca will win the heart of vacationers. The major attractions of the city include Treman State Park, Ithaca Falls, and Buttermilk Falls.

Activities: Hiking trails, Botanical gardens of the city offers vacationers to indulge and experience the city’s charm. So, make sure to enjoy it thoroughly.

9. Tucson:

The city is adorned with beautiful landscapes, and the evening of the city is truly a blessing to visitors as the natural beauty makes visitors amazed. Right from amazing sightseeing to mountain hiking, vacationers can enjoy everything in the same place. The mild temperature throughout the day and beautiful evening is the major attraction of the place. Some of the amazing places where travelers can explore are Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Mt. Lemmon Scenic Byway, Sabino Canyon, etc. There is a long list to explore the famous attractions, enjoy it thoroughly.

Activities: Hiking, horseback riding, bird-watching, astronomy, caves, etc. One must visit and enjoy each of these activities to add more fun to the journey.

10. Montana:

Spread into 1,583-sq.-mi, the Glacier National Park in Montana will make visitors amazed with its amazing attractions. Here, visitors will get the chance to enjoy exploring the glaciers, enjoy rock trails, etc. The city enables visitors to explore the whitefish, Kalispell, Columbia Falls, west glacier, east glacier, st. mary, Babb, etc. So, enjoy visiting each of these attractions and have fun. There are several options for visitors to explore and enjoy the adventure as well. Visitors can enjoy adventure sports include driving cattle, the ranch at rock creek, blue-ribbon fly fishing, BBQ at buckle barn, etc.

Activities: Driving cattle, the ranch at rock creek, blue-ribbon fly fishing, BBQ at buckle barn, etc.

11. South Carolina:

South Carolina is one of the widely visited destinations in the summer season, thus it welcomes thousands of vacationers every year. If you want to enjoy the beach tour, South Carolina is the best destination to enjoy. The gorgeous beaches of the place compel vacationers to spend more and more time at the destination including Charleston’s Historic District, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina plantations, Hilton head island, Watch Wildlife at Huntington Beach State Park, etc.

Activities: The city offers you to enjoy attractions, breweries, camping, hiking, kayaking, live theater, and restaurants.

12. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming:

It is one of the best national parks where visitors can go and have fun. As Yellowstone is stretching to three parts of the states including Wyoming, Rhode Island, and Delaware, therefore one must enjoy 300 waterfalls, fascinating wildlife, and a majestic canyon. While exploring these attractions, visitors must enjoy the popular trails along with the sites of Lonestar Geyser or Mount Washburn and don’t miss the hiking. Enjoying each of these things will be a wonderful experience for visitors. So, enjoy it to the fullest.

Activities: Enjoy several hiking trails along with the family

13. Bar Harbor:

Enjoy the tranquil Paradise, Bar Harbor and its coastal beauty and pleasant summer highs in the 70s and 80s. Here visitors can enjoy the stunning scenery as if you are witnessing a movie shot. Apart from blessed beauty, the city also enables visitors to indulge in between the Bar Harbor’s Main Street is home to shops, ice cream parlors, art galleries, pubs, and restaurants serving New England classics like lobster rolls and clam chowder. Visitors will also enjoy a lot of adventurous sports including hiking, biking, boating, and soaking up in the sun.

Activities: One can indulge in hiking, biking, boating, and soaking up in the sun.

14. Zion National Park:

It is known as one of the first national parks of Utah and its best places in the US in June. The national park offers a wide range of adventurous activities that visitors can enjoy such as Zion’s 2,000-foot sandstone cliffs that experienced climbers can enjoy whereas trekking lovers can enjoy the popular routes of Canyon overlook and Watchman trails. Being the most appealing place for adventure enthusiasts, people can have immense fun with their loved ones.

Activities: Hiking and trekking at popular cliffs and treks. So, enjoy it with your family and it will be a fantastic experience for you and your family.

15. Aspen:

It is a myth that Aspen is only the winter destination; however the popular Colorado ski spot offers a variety of warm-weather activities including zip line and rope experience. Some of the lovely events that visitors will enjoy attending are the Aspen Art Festival (held each July) and the Aspen Music Festival (which takes place from early July through mid-August). If you are unable to attend these fests due to short leaves, then don’t get disheartened, the picturesque mountains and the lush greenery of the place will compel you to enjoy other activities high-end shopping, fascinating museums, funky galleries, etc.

Activities: Sightseeing, Stand-up paddleboarding on the Roaring Fork River, Hiking on the Ute Trail, Shopping, etc. These activities will add up more fun in the journey. 

16. New Hampshire:

Mostly remains green in the summertime, this place compels you to visit the very popular “White Mountains” which is two hours drive and here visitors with both the interests sightseeing and adventure can fulfill their desires. It is a natural paradise for nature lovers and the perfect destination for sports lovers. Vacationers can enjoy the scenic drive like never before and sports lovers can indulge in hiking, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, ziplining, etc. Isn’t it sounds great to visit here? Well, of course after all it is one of the best places in the US to visit in June.

Activities: Sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, ziplining, etc. These activities will surely win the heart of vacationers amazingly.

Explore each of these attractions and make your vacations memorable with your loved ones. Family time is the most precious time that families can have ever, so don’t make much delay in your plan. Choose the destination which is still on your bucket list and get your flight tickets booked to have immense fun with the family this June. Make this June visit remarkable.

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