20 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in the USA

Many awe-inspiring places on the earth show the beautiful sight of the world. From massive glaciers to fascinating deserts, the world has so many hidden treasures in its lap. When people look to find the most incredible natural wonder on the earth, waterfalls will definitely in the top of their list. For ages, waterfalls have been the majestic beauty of nature. When one thinks of exploring some of the best waterfalls in the world, the first place that comes to mind is undoubtedly the USA. The waterfalls in the USA are known as one of the most refreshing getaways around the world. Waterfalls in the USA are mainly known for their cascading appearance. You will surely experience heavenly pleasure while viewing the sparkling white and foamy water falling from mountain slopes into a pool.

From a little to the tallest waterfall, travelers will get so many beautiful waterfalls in the US. If you want to visit America to explore the waterfalls, then here is a list of the 20 most beautiful waterfalls in the US known for their magnetic appeal. Just keep this list in your mind and get lost in the breathtaking sounds of the falls.  

1. Waimoku Falls:

Located in Haleakala National Park Kipahulu, Waimoku Falls has its unique appeal. The 400-foot tall Waimoku cascade makes visitors overjoyed and amazed. The 1.8-mile Pipiwai Trail passes through diverse scenery and treasured bamboo forest. The trail is well-maintained. You can have some of the best clicks from the base of the falls.

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year but early spring is best 

2. Niagara Falls:

Crowned as the king of all waterfalls in the USA, Niagara Falls is a must-visit place for travelers. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the US. You get an amazing panoramic view of the three falls here, two American and one Canadian. Many travel lovers find this waterfall as the ‘Heaven on Earth’. You will certainly fall in love with this place. Due to its unique and breathtaking appeal, Niagara Falls makes visitors in awe.

Location: Between the province of Ontario in Canada and New York in the US

Best Time to Visit: June to August

3. Yosemite Falls:

Located in the Sierra Nevada of California, Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the US. Dropping 2,425 feet from the upper fall to the bottom of the valley, it has also been seen as the fifth highest waterfalls in the world. It consists of a variety of different falls: Upper Yosemite Fall (1,430 feet), the middle cascades (675 feet), and Lower Yosemite Fall (320 feet).

Location: California

Best Time to Visit: Between late fall and midsummer (May and September)

4. McWay Falls:

Make your way to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in California for spectacular views of McWay Falls. An 80-foot waterfall flows continuously throughout the year, and travelers can see the falls right from the highway. Travelers will get a remarkable view of McWay falls as it topples into the Pacific Ocean. It is best known for its panoramic view. 

Location: California

Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

5. Havasu Falls:

Havasu Falls is located on the Havasupai Reservation and it is named after Havasupai. Pai means people, whereas Havasu Pai means – “people of the blue-green water”. Havasu falls is an oasis of white milky and foaming waters in the center of orange sandstone of the Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls’ is counted among the most miraculous and best waterfalls in America. The beauty of this waterfalls will compel vacationers to visit again and also enjoy the hiking opportunities.

Location: Supai, Arizona

Best Time to Visit: Early spring or late autumn

6. Bridalveil Fall:

Bridalveil Fall is one of the best places to visit for those who fall in love with nature. You just need only a 10-minute walk to reach this amazing place. The sound of a waterfall tumbling 620-feet down to the bottom makes you spellbound and awestruck. You can explore the scenic beauty of its surrounding in Yosemite National Park.

Location: Yosemite, California

Best Time to Visit: Early spring

7. Wailua Falls:

If you want to witness one of the most amazing waterfalls in the Western United States, then Wailua Falls is the best place to visit. This amazing waterfall has made an appearance in the opening credits of the popular TV show ‘Fantasy Island’. Though you won’t get any hiking trails in its surrounding, yet it is a perfect place to take memories back home.

Location: Lihue, Hawaii

Best Time to Visit: Beautiful year-round but try to visit early morning 

8. Tahquamenon Falls:

Located at a place called ‘Paradise’ in Michigan, Tahquamenon Falls is known for its milky fresh water and beautiful surroundings. Split into two equally astonishing halves, this fall provides you a mesmerizing view of rust-colored cascades from its upper falls. The upper fall passes through cedar trees and tumbling over the rocks before heading to the lower falls. Besides appreciating the beauty of this amazing waterfall, you can also enjoy hiking trails, camping, and winter sports in Tahquamenon Fall State Park.

Location: Paradise, Michigan

Best Time to Visit: Perfect for every season

9. Silver Falls State Park:

If you count the top 10 waterfalls in the United States, Silver Falls State Park will make its presence on this list. A 7.2 mile-long Trail of Ten Falls adds more enchanting colors to an already tranquil landscape. You can manage to experience this beauty from directly behind the waterfall. It is a perfect place to visit for those who love to explore hidden treasures of nature.

Location: Sublimity, Oregon

Best Time to Visit: Anytime between April and October

10. Cumberland Falls:

Known as the Little Niagara or the Niagara of the South, Cumberland Falls is a phenomenon that won’t find in any other location of the Western Hemisphere. A 125-foot wide curtain of blue-green water falling into a boulder-strewn gorge offers a magnificent view of the Cumberland River Valley. This fall also offers a magical moonbow visible on the full moon. It is an ideal retreat after a day of water activities and horse riding.

Location: Corbin, Kentucky

Best Time to Visit: Perfect place to visit in winters

11. Nugget Falls:

Known as ‘Mendenhall Glacier Falls’, Nugget Falls offers an awe-inspiring experience to visitors. This stunning waterfall tumbles over the rocks and falls about 377 feet into Mendenhall Lake over the course of a 2-tiered drop. Tourists from all around the world often go to explore this magnificent wonder of nature. Visitors can also catch stunning views of its surroundings.

Location: Juneau, Alaska

Best Time to Visit: Perfect round-year

12. Virginia Falls:

Being one of the popular natural tourist attractions, Virginia Falls is known for its clear blue and foamy waterfalls. A moderate trail passes by massive hemlock beams and knotty pine trees offering a spectacular view to the tourists. The surroundings of this fall seem to be a scene out of a fairy tale. You will surely fall in love with this place due to its scenic and magnetic appeal.

Location: Glacier National Park, Montana

Best Time to Visit: July and August

13. Whitewater Falls:

Known as the biggest waterfall in the US, Whitewater Falls is a series of remarkably beautiful and multi-drop cascading waterfall that offers a phenomenal view to the visitors. The falls plunge an incredible 411 feet tumbling over a series of jutting rocks and passing by a wildflower-filled forest. Travelers can enjoy a picnic time near the trailhead with their loved ones. The sound of waterfalls and rocky & shady forest ambiance makes a remarkable place to explore.

Location: Sapphire, North Carolina

Best Time to Visit: Beautiful round-year

14. Multnomah Falls:

Located on Multnomah Creek in the Columbia River Gorge, Multnomah Falls is known for its magnificent and memorable view. Visitors can get the best view of this beautiful waterfall from a 20th-century stone bridge strung between two cliffs. It consists of a combination of two tiers – 542-foot tall upper tier and 69-foot tall lower tier that plunged into a pool from a single vantage point. It is considered one of the top natural attractions of Oregon. Travelers can visit this fall round the year to experience its different moods and flows. Just come here and you will surely spellbound with its beauty.

Location: Bridal Veil, Oregon

Best Time to Visit: From November to February

15. Union Falls:

When travelers explore some of the hidden treasures of the United States, they will surely find Union Falls, which is also known as a gem of Yellowstone National Park. To get the heavenly pleasure of this waterfall, travelers need to make the 8-mile hike each way via rocky landscape. For those who love camping and hiking, Union Falls simply means it for them. You can spend the night camping near this waterfall. 

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Best Time to Visit: From May until September

16. Palouse Falls:

Tourists from all around the world come to see Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington. Viewing the 186-foot drop from a rugged terrain into a churning sapphire pool is something exceptional. Travelers can view this waterfall from a different location. If you want to catch the best glimpse of this fall, then visit the place at sunset. Travel freaks can also enjoy a picnic near a campsite to mesmerizing the beauty of this place.

Location: Washtucna, Washington

Best Time to Visit: From April to June or mid-July

17. Snoqualmie Falls:

Located just off the busy I-90 throughway, Snoqualmie Falls is a hidden gem in Washington. Travelers can explore this waterfall at just 200 feet from the parking area. The popularity of Snoqualmie Falls has increased after featuring in the TV show ‘Twin Peaks. You can enjoy a full day’s visit to this place. The beauty of Snoqualmie Falls will surely not disappoint any visitor.

Location: Snoqualmie, Washington

Best Time to Visit: Spring runoff

18. Mesa Falls:

It is a set of two waterfalls – upper fall and lower fall. Keeping in mind its magnetic appeal and scenic beauty, Mesa Falls brings a smile to your face, giving you some memorable moments to bring them back home. You can come here with your family to take a view of the beautiful fall. The water passes through a quiet forest before it topples into the Snake River in Ashton, Idaho. 

Location: Ashton, Idaho

Best Time to Visit: Between May and October

19. Calf Creek Falls:

A taller cascade and scenic views make Calf Creek Falls a perfect place to visit in the south-central part of the United States. Though the fall is divided into two portions – upper and lower, but you will fall in love with its lower portion from where you can get the best views of this splendid nature treasure.

Location: Escalante, Utah

Best Time to Visit: Spring Season 

20. Bushkill Falls:

Known as ‘Niagara of Pennsylvania’, Bushkill Falls consists of a series of 8 equally remarkable cascades in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. The lush-green surrounding, milky water, and phenomenal view make it a must-visit place in the United States. Just come here and experience the tranquility in nature.

Location: Bushkill, Pennsylvania

Best Time to Visit: Season of spring and fall

So keep this comprehensive list of top 20 waterfalls in the United States in your mind before planning to explore the best and breathtaking waterfalls in the US. Just pack your backpacks and explore these places with zeal.

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